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Friday, September 18, 2009

I could probably write a 900 page book in 2 days.
Hello, my sweets! <33 Thank you so very very much for the comments and for everything! You're always putting up with me, haha. XD OMG Keri, welcome back girl!! It's nice to see you again. Yes, someone I can rant about baseball to!! Hehe!! Thank you so much~~ And my condolences *cough cough* about your Mets. >> Welcome back to everyone else as well! Anna-chan, angelbest, Kimberly, pickle, Reki, Cynthia, and Sam! Arigatou a ton for all of the comments. ^_^ About how I was feeling, about my classes, etc. Whatever else I rambled on about. ^^;; I appreciate it.

I am currently attempting to adjust my vision! XD I finally picked up my new glasses today. Well, along with many other things, but first, glasses! I actually took some pics of me with them on, but they look TERRIBLE, lol, so I'm saving you the torture. Oh, and I mean the pictures look terrible, not my new glasses. I really like them~~ But I have far too many pimples and things I'm rather ashamed of. Ahahahaa...so I'll just describe them. They are black frames, somewhat narrow, but a little bigger than my last pair (those were more shaped like reading glasses)...um, metal, not plastic like my last ones. And the sides of them have these cool beige and black designs! Like totally mod squares and stuff. XD I think they're nice, but I have to get used to them. Everything still seems kinda blurry, though they should be clearer...but they're a stronger prescription, so yeah. Hopefully I'll adjust soon. >.< Darn blindness. Yay for being -4.75!

Hey, hey~~~~ In case you didn't see, I made a CHALLENGE on theO. Yup yup. An ecard challenge. So if any of you would like to join, that would be awesome. :) Thanks to those that already commented on it! And midori-chan, congrats on being the first to submit an entry! Lol. <33 I've been putting off making a challenge all this time cause I've been so lazy with making graphics, so I've been like "OMG NO. I have to make prizes!!" Also, I'm afraid that I'd hurt someone's feelings if I don't choose them cause they're my friend or whatever, lol. Maybe I should find someone to be my co-judge. Maybe I'll just have my mom decide, haha. But yeah, the deadline is november 17 (a few days after my b-day). If you didn't look, my challenge relates to sports! I've decided to give sports anime/manga and sports in general some love! XD I may hate playing sports, but you know I love watching them. <3

Ok, so today...I just had economics. One class. It's wonderful but a waste of me getting up early on a friday. .___. Ugh. After that I had my doctor appointment! Ear/nose/throat doctor. She's the one my dad went to this summer to find out about the growth in his ear...still hoping that won't be really serious. Anyhoo, when I got there, well, paperwork! Oh yes. Of course you always gotta do paperwork for a new doctor. Hmm...there were 5 pages? I can't count how many times I had to sign places and put the frickin' date. And my birthday. ~__~ It was annoying. Mom forgot my health insurance card so we need to fax that in some time, and I also don't know my social security number, lol, so that will need to be done later. Luckily the receptionist was really nice about all of that. After writing that book, I got called in to just sit and wait some more. Now, I didn't know what this doctor lady would be like. I went by how dad described her, and he said she was "really tall and intimidating. Severe." Sounds scary, right?? ^^; While sitting and waiting, I heard this lady's voice laughing and making jokes and sounding really sweet! Well, that was HER. XD Not at all like dad said. *shrugs* It put me at ease.

So when she came in, yup, she was tall, but she sure wasn't severe, and she was super nice. X3 I liked her. <3 I told her how uncomfortable my other doctors made me feel, lol, and she's totally different. Well, ANYHOO, I told her my story. I explained all the things that have been bothering me (headaches, neck aches, super bad allergies), and she of course focused on the allergies. That's her expertise after all. :) I've been tormented with these horrible allergies, especially in the morning, for like...all my life, and no one's been able to help. But she made me feel so much better. T__T First she sprayed this stuff in my nose to numb it, and then she stuck this thing in there to look. >>' Like this long...well, whatever, and it felt weird. Bleh. She told me I have some anatomical probs with how my nose is shaped inside and some other things which contribute to my inability to breathe well. She wants me to get a CAT scan of my sinuses some time, too. v__v But anyway, point of the story, she prescribed a ton of meds for me!! Lol. It was like SHE was writing a book with all the prescription papers. 2 different types of nose sprays, a new allergy medicine, and another pill to help with inflammation. As well as other notes. Haha, it was rather funny, her writing so much.

She also asked where I go to school and what I'm studying. When I told her about textiles, she was like O____o With YOUR allergies? You're in THAT?? *sigh* Yes. Well, I can't avoid it! It would be nice if I could be exempt from that class, lol, oh well. But yeah, so she was really sweet, helpful, etc. I was scared at first about what she'd do and say, but it's all good. She can't help with my other aches though, so she also suggests going to a neurologist. ^^; *sigh* Another time for that then. I know this sounds like a lot, but I haven't really been to many doctors at all. So if I finally get some help, I will be eternally grateful. I wanted to cry when she mentioned I would be getting things she believes will make me feel better. ;__; Cause she did say that one of the pills might help with my headaches, too.

Ok. *putting that aside* I sound like such an invalid!!! XDDD Sorry!!! AHEM. Yesterday...I had world religions and textiles. OMG yes, another one of those. DX In WR we watched another short vid and just discussed stuff. And "oh by the way you have a midterm next week." O__O We died. XD But!!! He was sweet about it and decided to make it a take-home essay for it. Unfortunately that means it will have to be longer and more quality, but whatever. I don't mind essays all that much. Just...goodness, next week will be busy! I'm going to have many tests. T__T That take-home midterm, a test in business management, another freaking quiz in textiles [I don't know how bad I did on my last one yet], test in economics, midterm in...hmm...I think another class. Or at least another test of some kind. Those teachers sure know when to schedule them, right? "LET'S GIVE THEM ALL IN THE SAME WEEK OMG GREAT IDEA." I can't stand how professors really stick to their syllabus, too. Like most of mine don't even remember when they have it scheduled, lol, so it's a surprise unless we really follow their syllabus. "Oh, I think you guys have a midterm next class...yeah...check the syllabus. Ok..."

Alrighty. Baseball talk. My Phillies have won 5 games in a row, and things are looking pretty good. Pretty good. Here's to hoping they will make it to the postseason and kick butt in the playoffs! >D PLEASE. As long as those darn Marlins lose...and Braves...then yeah.

Yes, I'm done posting now!! Sorry for rambling so much~~ I need to go give my eyes a rest. And everything else. So I'll see how much commenting I do today. Sorry ahead of time. ^^; I love you guys though!!! <33 Take care!

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