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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life goes so quickly...but classes seem so long!!
Hello, minna-san! How are all of you doing? Thank you, thank you for all the comments last time. :) I really appreciate all of them, as usual. <33 So nice to hear from you guys whenever you can manage it. Reki, it's been forever!!! Welcome back! And sparkle, your little pop-in was a joyous occasion as well. Hehe!! ;D Thanks also to SG, Kimberly (new friend?? WELCOME!!!), Anna, pickle, ulter-chan, Icchan, and Yug! It was interesting to read where you guys were during the whole 9/11 tragedy, and thanks for all the sweet words about me feeling better. Indeed, I hope this doctor can help this week...as for those weird allergies of mom and me, well, those have never been figured out. She's been to soooo many different doctors, so who really knows. Just have to suffer with it. Anyhoo, so yes, thanks a lot~~

It's been a while, right? For me at least. XD I didn't get to post this weekend, mostly cause I didn't feel up to it. I didn't think I'd have anything to talk about, and also my head hurt everyday. :/ So like...I just haven't felt well. And I get NO time to do anything during the school week except for today (wednesday) and friday. *listens to Dream Fighter by Perfume, dances quietly to not disturb others in library* Har har!! XD But anyhoo, school sucks. I feel so busy...tuesdays are the worst days ever invented since I have no time in between classes going from 10:10 to 3:40! ;__; And any day that involves that wretched textiles class is heck. When I get home, I'm just so exhausted, and then I usually have more homework to do. The neverending cycle, right?? *rolls eyes* Today's schedule is just as long, but at least I have this 1.5 hour break in between my economics course and ethics!! ^^ I don't know what I'd do without it. *hugs break and the library*

I used to have enough time to go to the library almost every day last semester and the one before, but now I only have one day a week. ~_~' So I finally got to talk to Barbara (she's one of the librarians) last week, and she was like, "Where have you been?? I haven't seen you yet this year!" So I told her how I get no time to drop by. D: It's soooo mean. Busy schedules take the life outta you.

Soooo....Madii still didn't come to economics yet. :( She must still be really really sick. I texted her twice this weekend, and she still hasn't replied. I really hope she's ok!! It's hard to not worry when the last text you get from a friend is about her going to the hospital cause she's coughing up blood. -__-; Yeah...um...anyhoo, took notes, went over assignments. I actually like that class. ^^; I thought economics was going to be the one I hated most [it was the one I was hoping to get online and didn't], but I actually enjoy it! O__o I think it's all to do with my instructor. She's so nice and easy to understand. The instructor makes the class for me usually. Tough material can be countered with a wonderful teacher. Likewise, easy things can be made horrible with a crappy teacher, AKA my textiles course. If Sister Denise (who I had last year) taught it, omg it would be so much better. But no. :/ I just have to deal with these things. Such is the way of school. And I know you guys feel (or have felt) my pain.

Ok, so this weekend...i didn't do anything. I honestly don't remember it that much, lol. I just played games all day, did homework, watched baseball. The usual nothing! ^^; Monday...I had ethics and OB. Saw the cute guy in ethics and noticed he hurt his right arm/hand somehow cause he had a cast-thing on it. ;__; Poor thing!! But of course, I was still too shy to say anything to him. I figure to give up on that idea very very soon. He's always talking to the [slutty] girl that sits next to him. They always whisper during class and laugh, and so I figure he's lost. >> Lol, as if I'd do anything anyway. XD Um, OB, just took notes and stuff. We were learning about goal-setting, expectancy, and other theories that deal with motivation. Then our prof wanted us to give him an appraisal: tell him the things he's good at and bad at. Lol, we were in groups, and I ended up being the spokesperson of course. ^^;; So I had to break all the news to him, lol! It was really embarrassing saying, "Well, you need to listen better...I know you have bad hearing but sometimes it's annoying to have to repeat myself over and over!!" Everyone laughed and he sorta laughed but then said, "Well, that's a problem I can't fix. Physical problem, you know?" I felt so bad after that, haha. I mean, yeah, he has a hearing aid. The other girls were like, "I can't believe you told him that!" Well, I had to be honest. No one was giving real criticism, everything was good. >>''

Yesterday I had world religions, textiles, and business management. Argh, WR is annoying. Our teacher is such a creepy guy!!!! >.< And we do watch films a lot, but I sit in the way front so it's hard to creak my neck up to watch. DX Um, and he was like at the end of class, "So when do you want your midterm? Next tuesday or thursday?" O___o HUH??? No one said anything about a midterm yet!! Lol. So that came outta nowhere. Of course we said thursday. We haven't even like...taken notes. ^^;; After that, textiles. Another quiz that I'm sure I did poorly on. The night before I felt really sick and so I gave up on studying quite early. I just didn't care. I JUST DO NOT CARE about that class now. My prof ruined it for me, and these quizzes are ridiculous. So when I got the quiz, I looked at it and remembered reading some of the stuff...but not well enough to get them right. ~__~' Just a bunch of guessing. But I don't care. *sigh* It's a consensus of the class that these suck. A failing average shows. At least we don't have another quiz tomorrow.

In business, we took notes, talked about more projects we gotta do, and I freaked out. Lol, at the end of class I asked her some questions about the schedule and when things are do. XD I almost cried!! I have trouble asking people questions like that. I usually end up crying for some reason...cause I feel helpless and just so worried. ^^; I managed to not cry though! And her answers did help me. :) I think. I wouldn't be as freaked if I didn't have that darn trip to CA in october. *sigh* At home...dealt with Corey being a turd, did homework, watched baseball (a wonderful wonderful win!!), and yeah. Pretty much it. :/ Today I still have ethics and OB...and...maybe no homework? Argh, I don't remember lol. Oh well.

*hugs* Thanks for putting up with me!! I really appreciate you guys. <3333 I'll stop this here...gotta eat before class. Take care of yourselves!! ��

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