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Friday, September 11, 2009

I just don't know how to quit, do I?
Hello, friends! *hugs* Arigatou for the comments. :) You're all so great!! Though several seemed shorter than usual(?). XD Cause I thought I wrote a lot, but I guess I'm the sort of person that writes a ton but says nothing, right? Hahaha. But anyhoo, thanks!! ♥ Wow, Yug! I can't believe you commented again! T__T You're awesome. And yes, I changed my theme probably right when you commented, lol. You like? :) Thanks to everyone that visited me! Sax, wow, it was great to see you on here. I really appreciate it. ^_^ And of course thanks to jamo, Anna, lute, angelbest, and omg LALA. <333 I love you guys!!

So yeah, to state the utter obvious, I changed my theme. Now it's light and flowery...to match the Estelle avi I'm using now. :3 I haven't had an avi of a girl in a while, have I? Lol, I tend to like showing off the bishies I love instead. >>' We'll see how long this lasts, eh? Haha.

It's 9/11. It's the...how many years anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy? Uh, 8? Noo...really? I feel so old! It really doesn't feel like it happened 8 years ago. Jeez. It was so horrible. -__- All my thoughts and prayers go out in memory of those that passed away that day. Since this is probably appropriate, I'll reminisce about where I was that day! Ok? *seems really cliche, but it's the thing to do* And, where were all of you? If you remember. I was in either 7th or 8th grade. I apparently can't do math to figure out which one it really was, so I'll keep it at that. But I had just gotten out of math class, and I was then in history when we got the announcement over the PA. We turned on the TV and watched the horrors. At that time...I think there was just the one that crashed, but I remember when we heard that another one did. I'm pretty sure we didn't learn anything in that class...when it was over, I had music, and I'll never forget how distraught my music teacher was. She was sooo worried because her husband was in NY for business that day so she was waiting and waiting for a call from him. Luckily during class he did call, and she was crying...but all was well for her. Then an announcement came on to tell us all to turn the TVs off. ^^; To go back to paying attention in classes. I think we had a moment of silence, but I really don't remember anything aside from this. This supposedly normal date will always have such a huge weight upon it.

Ok, so putting that aside. Now for my mundane life! It's raining a TON today. I loooove the rain, but omg, I wish I could've slept in today instead of getting up for class! One measly class. It's such a waste of a friday morning. >.< Oooh, but it's chilly, too. It really feels like autumn...these past couple of days have been 20 degrees lower than the past weeks! It's amazing how it just switched on and off right when it got to september. Summer, hot >>> fall, chilly. Though it's nowhere near officially fall yet. Uh....but yes...I like this weather. Though it does make my head hurt more. :/ I hope it's like this for the weekend, too, so I can just sleep late through it, lol.

Oh yeah, I just wanted to explain my weird allergies again. I thought I have like a billion times over, lol, but it's fine. :) My mom was the first one to get these reactions. It all happened back at our old house when we had the renovations done...she got affected by the chemicals that the builders used, and after that, she couldn't even go in the kitchen or do much of anything in the house without feeling miserable. The main part of these reactions involve irritations on the face, so burning and itching. It's really terrible. It was so bad for her, that's why we moved to this house. Well, moving didn't help...she still gets these reactions when she's anywhere near anything that might have new ANYTHING: paint, plastic, coverings,chemicals, anything with a sort of "smell" to it, if you will. Anyhoo, I was fine, but it started about a year ago or something that I started getting these reactions, too. So I also have sensitivities to weird things. It's not just like sneezing or blowing my nose, it's what I described. It gets to be unbearable when it feels like my face is on fire. So I've been getting MORE reactions lately being here in our house and many places at school. They've done a lot of renovating there, so there's new paint jobs etc., but what affects me the most lately is my textiles course because of the TEXTILES. The different fabrics/fibers. It's ridiculous to even be sensitive to things like that. We've tried all sorts of meds and nothing helps, so no, benadryl doesn't do a thing, lol.

Sorry, that was a bit long. XD Didn't mean to write a whole autobiography on that! I'm going to the ear/nose/throat doctor next week, and I can't wait. She'll be able to try and help with my allergies (normal and the ones I just described), and perhaps she can diagnose my migraines and tell me more about TMJ (the thing I have wrong with my jaw). I CANNOT WAIT. I really need help. Really. I'm tired of feeling pain every single day with nothing helping, and I'm only 20. I feel like an old lady.

Anyhoo...classes...let's see. *thinks* Yesterday I had textiles and world religions. I really don't care much for either class. WR would be good if my prof wasn't such a weirdo because I do like the material. There's nothing, however, that would make textiles better. I seriously dread going to it every time. I've never felt this way about a class before...I'd usually find something good about it, but there is NOTHING in it I like. Nothing. My prof pisses me off with her idiocy and "you get a quiz practically every class BEFORE we learn the chapter, good luck, try not to fail. Oh wait, I rig it so you all fail...yay for 55% class average!" It really makes me mad. I was really shut down during class yesterday. Like I usually answer questions and stuff, but I didn't feel like it at all. She said yesterday, "Well, you guys didn't do too well on this last quiz, but that's ok. These show you your weaknesses so you can study for the exam!" *rolls eyes. Um, yeah. Well, if we all do horribly on all of the quizzes, then I really don't think even a good grade on the exam would help us, would it? If she just did things like a normal teacher and teach us the lesson before we get quizzed on the material, then we would learn it. Sorry, but I don't do too well just reading chapters in a text book.

Yeah, I had to do that rant again. It just bugs me. This whole semester does. So today I just had economics. I actually like that class since my prof is really nice and she makes the material interesting. ^_^ Poor Madii still hasn't come to class though. She's only been to one (the first day), and since then she's been horribly sick. Coughing up blood is not a good thing. *sigh* So our teacher is concerned about her, but now I'm not sure how she's doing. I texted her today but she hasn't replied yet. :/ She might just end up dropping out this semester.
I love this dog:

*hugs* Thanks for visiting me!! Sorry for the (as usual) long and boring post. XD I can never tell how much I write. :/ And I'm sorry if I really don't have any substance to it! I don't know how you guys can stand me. ^^;; Thank you. <333 I'll comment when I can. Take care~

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