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Sunday, September 6, 2009

tis my mommy's b-day!
Hey there! <3 Hi, my sweet friends. :) *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments~ Lol, you probably get tired of hearing that, right?? Hahaha. But I'm always thankful for you guys and the time you give me! Thank you pickle, jamo, Deb, Yug (OMG it has been absolutely FOREVER), Angelbest, Sinny (nice to see you again, too~~), Teapot, Nana, and Anna-chan! I think I got all of you. ^_^ Arigatou for the comments. Nana, you only got to be called that once, and that is ALL. Lol. Yug, I've missed you a ton! I wonder if you'll get back on again soon, cause yeah it's been forever! And thanks to everyone that commented on my posts on my World, too. ♥ You're all awesome.

Changed my font here. Does Times look ok? I like it. Since theO got lots of new fonts, I've been switching my comments' styles and World styles, lol, and so I felt like changing it here, too. XD Unfortunately myO is still at the bottom of the barrel compared to the new site, so it doesn't get any improvements. Poor thing. *hugs myO* I'll still always love it the most...it's a shame so few people update on here anymore, or comment, or whatever. People think it's "dead," but I don't think so. Not yet! As long as some people still use it, and as long as people still remember it fondly, then it isn't dead. >D So there. I remember back in the day, before the renovation actually happened, but it was talked about...there was a group of members that insisted upon protesting it! People that claimed that they'd never ever leave myO...they'd boycott the new site, etc. Haha, that didn't happen. Most people just ended up just leaving everything. So sad...so many friends that left this site forever. ;__;

That was a really random thing. I definitely didn't plan on writing that, lol. Uh, but yeah. Happy birthday to my mommy!! Today (Sept.6) is my mom's b-day. :) She's...well, I guess I won't say her age, lol, but she's not happy about what her age is. XD I don't really understand why so many women don't like mentioning their age! Maybe it's just cause I'm young, and I don't care. But my mom doesn't look her age...she looks waaaaay younger; I'm pretty sure that's where I get my youthful looks. XD I may be 20, but most people mistake me for younger. I could write a term paper on all of the different times I've had someone think I was under 18, in high school, 13 years old, etc. etc. Ahah. Another example of that happened yesterday, so I'll mention that later!! Lol.

But yes, happy birthday to my mom. <33 If you remember those Pullip dolls we got before, my brother and I split the cost for one that we're giving her. So I guess that's the gift from me. I didn't get her anything else. ^^; But I figure paying $50 for a doll is pretty good. I made her a card last night (she loved it), and I also sent her a text with a video I took a while ago...lol, of this lizard in the pet store that was dancing. Hahahaaa. So cute. Um, we don't have any plans really. Open presents later, have cake, you know. Nothing special. Dad and I offered to make her a cake, but she quickly refused...several times. ^^' Does she really not trust us that much? I don't understand it. I got the cooking award in high school, and I must say I was rather good! After that, dad and her would be like, "How come you never try baking at home for us?" Ok, so this time I offer, and yet she totally refuses! .___. I think I said this before, but my mom LOVES her kitchen. She loves doing all the cooking and baking. She gets sorta...on edge if I "invade" her space and try to help make something. :/ So ok! Fine. XD Store-bought cake is what she gets.

Baseball game's about to start. Phillies have lost 2 3 games in a row...and last night's was just plain painful. I already ranted in a comment on a Phillies blog this morning, lol. So I guess I won't bother explaining to you guys [a lot of you really don't care! but to those that do...click here]. I hope they do better today and [they lost again] tomorrow.

So let's see...my last post here was wednesday. *thinks* And I posted a couple times on my world, just updating little things about my classes. I don't think there's anything that SPECIAL to mention. :/ So I'll talk about yesterday! Mom, dad, and I went to the mall, where our eye doctor is...cause, yay, eye appointment! So dad and I got our eyes checked. My eyes keep getting worse...I got a new prescription (-4.75), and dad did, too, but his eyes are getting better. That's just how it goes when you get older. Vision for seeing far away gets better, but reading is harder...so my dad needs new glasses for that. After our checkups, we went to Borders. <333 We had a coupon for 40% off any book! They also had buy 4 manga, get 5th free. Unfortunately they didn't have any I wanted, so I just took advantage of the 40% off. :) I got Karen Miller's new book~~ "The Prodigal Mage." It's the first in a sequel series to the Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series, which was the first I read by her...and LOVED. So yay, I can't wait to read it~ It's giant and hardback, which is why it was $25! O__o Online, I didn't know why it was so much more money...cause it didn't say it was hardcover, so I'm glad I got it in person with that coupon. ^_^ $10 off! Haha.

Then...we really didn't do much else. Went to Wal-Mart to check out their glasses though. I'm going to get new frames~~ They said I have to wait till Sept.17 though, but it shouldn't take that long. I hope they look ok...lol, mom couldn't go in so she couldn't give me her opinion, and I'm slightly worried that I only got my dad's. XD But I thought they looked neat. I'll take a pic of them whenever I get 'em. So anyhoo, this is the part where people didn't think I was as old as I am!! ^^;; There were 2 ladies there working in optical, and my dad and I were looking around at the glasses. He asked the one lady about if there were any deals on glasses or anything. "Well, no sir. You wouldn't get anything, but your daughter would since she's under 18." LOL to the MAX. My dad didn't say anything about that, he just sorta smiled to himself and went on with his transaction. Ahah!! Unfortunately I'm not a good liar, so when I was with the other lady, getting my glasses, she asked when I was born. T__T So of course I told the truth! "So...how old are you then?" 20. "Oh...ok..." *laugh* Too bad I didn't get a discount! I guess she needed to do a double-take since she heard the other lady say I was under 18. Turns out they were wrong, eh? I really enjoy looking younger than I am, but at the same time, it's sorta sad. Do I really look that young?? O__o

Hmm...so then when we got home, I just played video games. Shows I have no life when my playtime in Tales of Vesperia is already over 70 hours, and I'm not done yet. Lol, I love taking my time with games. In both Persona games I played, my playtimes were over 70 as well, and in whatever else I've finished lately, they also had at least 50 hours on them!! XD I don't know how people can finish games so quickly. It's just not in me.

Alrighty. I think that's all from me. I gotta go wrap mommy's gift! ^_^ And then watch the game (by george, those players o' mine better do better). I hope that those of you having a 3+ day weekend are enjoying it! <33 I'm glad I have tomorrow off, too. I only have some hw, but whatever. Take care~~

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