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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

rushing to class now!
Hello! Hi, my friends~~ How are all of you doing today? How were you yesterday? Well, thanks so much for the comments!! ^_^ Both on here and on theO. <33 Arigatou for the kind encouragements!! Lol, and yes I know I always lie when it comes to estimating the lengths of my posts here. XD I'm just terrible at that! I'm terrible at estimating lengths of things IRL, too. Like "how far away is that from me?" or "How many inches is that?" I FAIL at such things! Haha. Anyhoo, thanks to those that commented: Deb, Cynthia, jamo, pickle, ulter-chan, Cuddly Wuddly sugary sweet Nana-Oneechan [that is the ONLY time I'll call you that], and Oli-chan!! *hugs hugs* Thanks so much. Yeah, I see most of you disagree with what my brother was doing. ^^;; But oh well, just as long as nothing seriously bad happens...he's an adult so he's gotta govern his own life (though he's still living at home). Umm...and whatever else I said, THANK YOU. <33

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to post today! And that was going to make me mad. >E The internet wasn't working right, or at least it said that myOtaku wasn't working. :/ Something about the server! So I thought my school's comps were just being retarded and weren't going to let me on. Obviously though...things got fixed. Just had to wait a while~ But all is well! i was just getting worried. D: If it didn't work, and I didn't post, I would have a lot of time to do nothing before my next class, lol.

I have Christian Ethics next~~ Multiple squiggles!!!~~~~~ Lol. XD Cause that cute guy is in it~ ^^; Though I know I'm not going to do anything about anything. I'll just sit in my seat, try to sneak peeks at him behind me (darn him for being BEHIND), and just do nothing. I told my mom about this guy, and of course she's like, "OOooh!!! Well, try to talk to him! Just say hi!! Come on. Have you talked to him yet? Did you see him?" *rolls eyes* I just think he's cute! I don't think I can make anything of it. I'm way too shy, and I'm just terrible at talking with guys anyway [omg Todd], and so I can't imagine myself ever having a boyfriend (or girlfriend for that matter!). Don't people in relationships generally enjoy talking to one another? Like on the phone and stuff? And going out on dates?? Like OMG NO. I just can't picture myself doing that. *sigh* I hate talking on the phone...and so yeah...I don't know. Anyway, he'll just remain the crush in ethics class. :/ (his name is Shane btw) I wish I were braver. Or I wish that...i don't know, that he just did all the work for me and ends up liking me, too. Lol. I've never had a guy tell me they like me in all my 20+ years. Is that a bad thing? Hmm...probably. *fail*

There's also a cute guy in my business management class. ^^; I've seen him around campus in previous semesters, and I liked him...argh. I feel sooo shallow, lol.

Ok, so...my brother came home safely from his little excursion to the shore and gamblingness on monday night. He had a good time, won a LITTLE bit of money, which I'm sure was promptly spent on other things...and they "partied." He also said that he met this girl [well, that's not how he put it...his language is crude and demeaning for women] and got her number. A possible girlfriend?? That would be amazing, lol. Just like I can never see myself having anyone, I REALLY don't see my brother Corey getting a girlfriend. Simply cause of his (bad) personality and laziness. It took Derek a very long time to finally get his girlfriend...he's currently 30, going on 31, and they met at 28? 29? Hmm...I don't remember. See, he kept Susan a secret for a while lol. He didn't tell us that he had a girlfriend for over a year. XD Oh, my brothers. They are so odd.

Ok, so this week of school has been ok so far. I've been plagued with anxiety every morning still (I even threw up yesterday...), but I'm hoping I will get better as the semester goes on. Monday, ethics and OB (organizational behavior)...we got our groups for our group presentation in OB. Ugh. ~__~' Ok, so it's me and 3 other girls. And I can't really say that I'm happy about the arrangement. *sigh* One girl I swear has an IQ of 2. When we were supposed to be talking about the project and discuss what we were going to do, she was talking about how she got so drunk the other night, how she's been kicked out of bars, and she also said other very idiotic things. I'm not expecting much help from her. -_- This other girl seems OK, but she doesn't seem that helpful either. And then my last hope rides with a girl that I've thought of as my arch-nemesis's main underling. She's the girl i said was in my fashion class and chem last year, and I never talked to her until the last few days just cause I was still harboring some kind of grudge after all the years of torment. Well, I'm sucking it up. I'm letting bygones be bygones and hope that her strange urge to tease me has passed...and that she's equally willing to work together here. We even exchanged numbers so we texted last night about the project and stuff. I'm actually rather relieved...and glad that we've made up, if you will lol. You know it takes a lot more energy out of you to avoid someone and have a grudge than to just forgive! So anyway, we're all not looking forward to that project, and we're pretty clueless about what we're doing...but we gotta do it. *sigh*

Yesterday I had my busy busy day. World religions, textiles, and business. And then after all of that (with my couple 10 minute breaks in between those classes) I had my doctor appointment. I have to go to class soon so I'll have to make this quick. ~__~; Uh, but I went there...didn't have to wait long...got weighed (I somehow weighed 5 pounds more than I usually do wtf), and then my doc came to see me. I laid it on him. I told him all my problems (headaches like migraines, neck aches constantly, my odd rashes, bad allergies, and unfortunately I FORGOT to mention my insomnia! ugh! so stupid)...and after somewhat analyzing them, he said that I probably have TMJ (it deals with my jaw not being aligned or something...which causes it to be tense and to refer pain all throughout my neck and head), and there's nothing really that can be done about that. He didn't know what to do about any of these things, so he instead referred me to some specialists. A neurologist and ear/nose/throat. *sigh* Bah!!! It seemed like such a waste of an appointment. :( I didn't get anything to help...and I'll just have to make more appointments and HOPE that they can help. I don't want any kind of surgery though...noo...this sucks.

Baseball game = awesome last night. Cole Hamels pitched a complete game shutout again. Phillies won 1 to 0...it was just amazing...i swear I thought we'd lose, lol, but he did so freaking well!! *__*

Alrighty~ Sorry but I gotta end this hear! I need to scamper on to class. *hugs* Thanks so much for being my awesome friends. <333 Take care~

EDIT: New e-card, yay.

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