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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maybe a shorter post? Just some little rants.
Hello there, my dears! <33 Thank you soooooo much for all the comments. :) I love you guys~ Teapot, Cynthia, Deb, nana, pickle, jamo, and Anna! *hugs* If any of you ever want to be called something else, feel free to tell me. XD I'm amazed that I still get so many lovely friends commenting here! ^_^ I really appreciate it. Yup, rain is amazing...and I see that most of you had the same opinions about musical artists that end up changing their style to try and conform to mainstream!! *nods* Yes indeed. Anna, that vid you shared was really good! Lol, an amusing set-up to sing in that little room, but the song was good~ Teapot, I sure hope that it cools off. :( Sounds wretched! *hugs* So yes, thank you ALL for everything. <33

I changed my avi again...back to Yuri. ;__; Lol. I think I'm going to be changing my avi like once a week or once every 2 weeks now...I don't know how you people can keep the same one for years!! D: I'm just not capable. Too fickle. XD I spent like 40 minutes just looking online on LJ and stuff for a new avi to use. >>' I really know how to waste time! And I switched it about 5 times before I settled on this one. So if you happened to be online and reading comments from me, noticing that it switched a lot, well there you have it.

I'm honestly, truly going to try and make this a shorter post. Ok, I'm not trying...just at the moment I don't know what I'll write about, lol. I wasn't going to post today. I wasn't sure when I'd post again...cause of my stupid school schedule, but eh, I have the time so why not? I guess. Right? It might just be a boring post. Haha...when aren't they?

So guess what?? *waits for guesses* Ok, no, probably you're wrong! Lol. Well, I've got freedom from my brother for a while!! XD Usually he works on the weekend, but not this weekend...argh, so I would've been mad about it, but no! Cause he decided to go with a couple of friends from work to the shore. To Atlantic City...and to gamble. O__o My brother isn't usually a social guy, but ever since working at Sam's Club, he's...been going out more...I should be really happy about that (since I need my time away from him), but it's just that he's doing things he'd never do before: bar-hopping, which of course includes drinking and getting drunk, going to the mall, going to a strip club (???), and now going to the shore and gambling? Huh?? I know, he's freaking 28 years old, he's a man and able to do whatever the heck he wants, but let's just say that these new "friends" of his have been corrupting him. >>' It's all on him if anything bad happens...but yah. I said this before, but like...drinking and driving is probably one of the worst things out there, right? And he's done that on more than one occasion lately. It's not safe. ~__~' Ugh. But yeah...at least I get time away from him. He says he's coming back monday night. Let's hope he comes back with some money left and not totally wasted. He's doing things that probably would've been common for a guy...uh 5-10 years ago.

Edward Scissorhands was just on TV. *__* I was watching some of it...but it was on a channel that had like a billion commercials. It's just inhumane to put a movie on with soooo many commercials interrupting it! T__T Argh. I still don't have it on dvd...well, someday. Lol, I don't know why Johnny Depp seems so awkwardly cute in it. I mean, like disturbing and kinda scary, but cute at the same time. *shrugs*

I have homework to do today. :/ Stupid stupid. It's all my darn textiles class's fault! Bleh, my prof is such a biatch, and she assigns soooo much. We have to do this "swatch kit" thing...which I won't bother explaining, but she explicitly TOLD US that she worked on it all summer, but we only got a week to do it!! >.< It's not fair. :( Luckily I decided to work on it ahead of time, so I just have to tape the fabric swatches in now. I'll do some today and some tomorrow [it's due tuesday]...but ugh. I mean, ok, fine, I'm getting it done and it's totally possible to do (lol), but why on earth did our instructor tell us that it took her all freaking summer to do it? She got that whole time, and we only got a week. XD Oh well. It pissed me off at first, but since I'm almost done, it really doesn't matter. I also have to read a couple chapters in the book and study for the quiz, I have to read stuff for Ethics, read chapters and print out stuff in like all my other classes...v__v Bleh this semester is going to be tough, lol. If I have to read chapter after chapter in all my text books every week...I guess I was just spoiled in my other classes! Lol, I was able to be lazy and not read anything and still get by with A's. >>;

On tuesday, after my stupid busiest class day, I get to go to the doctor! ^__^ Woohoo! DOCTOR! YAY! ^_^;;;; Lol, that sounds so wrong. No, it's just I'll finally get certain things addressed. My neck that's always hurting, my constant headaches, my insomnia, allergies, and these rashes I have over my body. Yeah. I wonder if he'll ask if all these things are related? Lol, I'm pretty sure NO. Ugh I didn't want to get the appointment then though...I'll be so tired and hungry from that day's classes...but mom said that was the closest time. I hope that it goes well, and I get some help! And then this weekend or next, I'm going to the eye doctor~ Hooray~ I really need new glasses. I'm so freaking blind. T__T

(new e-card, yay, thanks to those that commented already!! <333 I know BL isn't everyone's cup of tea, lol, but I love it, so there! >D And it's a gift for AvariceTears. ^^)

I've been in kinda better moods lately...though when I think about things I do get depressed and worried. Obviously all the presentations due far in the future for my classes, but the other thing is that California trip me and my parents are going on in October. V__V "Oh, but that's awesome! You get to go to CA and skip classes!" Well, that's not exactly my opinion. One, I don't want to miss classes. I always feel really guilty if I do, and I'm worried about the things I'll miss. Two, I don't trust my brother to take care of the animals. Well, mostly the fish. I'm afraid they'll starve to death or maybe be overfed to death...and I'll be really mad and depressed if anything happens to my babies. Three, we're going to visit my relatives (mom's side), and mostly to see my grandma with Alzheimer's...I don't think it will be fun exactly to see my grandma in such a sad state. She can hardly talk, and she doesn't remember who anyone is. Four, the plane leaves at 7:30am; my dad says we'll have to wake up at 4am to freaking get ready and leave. WTF? Just no...no. I hate getting up early, and 4am is ungodly. I'll get 2 hours of sleep. *sigh* Five, 6-hour plane rides don't really sit well with me. I'm pretty afraid of flying...we might crash. >>' Ummm...yeah, sorry. See?? I panic about things ahead of time. It's over a month away, but I can't help but freak out. My dad was talking about it yesterday, and it just put me in a bleh mood. And don't give me that "well you're going to see your grandma! stop being selfish!" Yeah, well, duh. I know that. But I can't think of many other people that would enjoy these circumstances.

^^;; Gomen. I wasn't going to put anything like down-ish in here, but oh well. Just thinking about that trip gets me upset. Ahh...anyhoo...I should probably stop this here. It's not short, is it? Lol, sorry. I'm hungry, my head and neck hurt, and I need to work on that homework now. ~__~' I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Take care!! <3 Thanks for sticking with me.

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