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Friday, August 28, 2009

Rambling is my forte! Things about today, yesterday, random utada rant. ENJOY.
Hello there, people. :) How are all of you doing? *hugs* Arigatou gozaimasu for all of your comments! ^_^ I love reading them, of course. <33 I haven't gotten tired of hearing from you guys...lol...I loved reading all your comments on the whole "cute guy in my ethics class" part! Haha. That was, what, one sentence? Har har! I loved it. Yah, having a "crush" on people can be really annoying, as you said, teapot. And pickle, I agree. It IS hard to glance over and take a peek at someone near you. >>' Especially when trying to see if they're cute or not!! Lol. X3 So yeah, thanks to pickle, Deb (don't worry, your comment was fine!), teapot, sparkle (omg omg whore), Britty, jamo, nana, and Olivia! <3 Arigatou for all the comments, ladies. Teehee!

Ah. It's nice and dark and cool outside. Cooooool. It's been SO hot and humid lately that, omg, it being below 90 is amazing. XD Today it's around 70 or 60 degrees...so that's a big difference, and I love it. <3 It was raining a lot this morning though, which I LOVE and hate because I really love sleeping when it's raining...but I had to wake up for class. ;__; Darn it! Rainy days are best served on weekends. When I can sleep in. Ahh...I love sleeping late, lol. I can't stand when I HAVE to go to bed, and the whole sleeping process bothers me, but I really enjoy sleeping into the late morning. It's the weekend now! So I can relax. All this week, thanks to school, I've been restless and having major anxiety, as you know. Even this morning, when I shouldn't have been worried about anything. Stupid anxiety.

I downloaded Utada's most recent English album, "This is the One" (?? I think). Hmm...I don't know what to say. Rather, I DO know, but ehh. XD I love her; I love her music, her voice, etc, but this album disappointed me. I guess it's cause it's a new release for America, and she's trying to conform to most of the artists here. :/ So it's really hip-hop-ish...and most of the songs deal with sex in some way, lol, and random profanity. Like, wtf? Hikki, what's happened to you?? She has degenerated! T__T I still like several songs on there (On & On, Apple & Cinnamon), but some of them are just too much R&B style. Too much "oh yeah, baby, I love you baby, your sex is so good" etc. >>; Not that I have anything against that style of music or songs, it's just not my favorite, and I think Utada could've done better. A lot of the songs sound just like Rihanna rip-offs or something. XD Ok, that's all! *laugh* [/randomUtadarant]

So today I just had my economics class. I KNEW Madii wouldn't come. Haha! She's so...well, lazy when it comes to classes. It seems like such a waste of money. Uh, but no! She actually had a legit reason to not come-- she was sick! She said she had scarlet fever. O__o Which I've certainly never had, but it sounds bad. Poor thing. :( I was just assuming that she was skipping as usual. I hope she gets better soon. Hmm...so in class...just took notes and discussed things. I actually found it sorta interesting! I was like the only person answering questions though. v__v That's how it usually is. ^^;;; My other classmates don't like participating! And it really really really annoys me when a whole class just goes silent on a simple question, so I feel obligated to just raise my frickin' hand and answer. XD After class, I was talking to my prof, and I had on this pink shirt that has Japanese on it and a cute character that I don't remember the name of. She was looking at my shirt and said something like, "Oh! I know that character. I don't remember his name though..." and so I started talking about my shirt and what the Japanese said. She said, "Oh, I know. I lived in Japan for 3 years." Lol, well, excuse me!! Haha. So we talked some about Japan and her being there and how I'd like to go. It was quite interesting. I'm not used to my teachers actually knowing things about Japan or being familiar certainly with the language!

When I got home, soon after...Totoro's groomer came. X3 Yay. He's been sooooo hairy!!! He's been looking just like one big stuffed teddy bear. Hahaa. And now he looks like a puppy again~ A 9 year old puppy, lol. He's actually quite small underneath all that hair...hehe, awww, he's so cute. But he's a little devil! Especially when he needs his paws done. He kept nipping at her. He's a pissy little thing. Adorable, and I love him, but I sure can hate him, too. XD


Hmm...random bit dealing with Tales of Vesperia! XD If you didn't know, the guy in my avi is Duke from the game. And yes, he's a dude. Haha. he's so feminine! Lovely, long, pretty white hair...smexy all around, but like omg, his voice is SO low. If you've never played the game before, that's ok, I found a vid that you can see with him. I mean, I don't know what his Japanese seiyuu is, but his English dub is hilariously low! Again, don't know the VA's name...but just...when I first heard him, I couldn't believe it. >>' Waaaay too low; doesn't match. Though I wub him anyways. Him and Yuri. ♥ And Raven is growing on me, too.

Skip to 40 seconds if you just wanna see him/hear his voice; the rest of the vid has nothing important. It's just someone's gameplay video...spoilers, sure, but nothing killer.

I know...that was random and unnecessary, but it came to mind, lol. Yesterday I had world religions and textiles. And after I posted on wednesday, I had ethics and OB (organizational behavior). Cute guy was in ethics, but I didn't get to look at him much. Darn it; why does he have to sit BEHIND me?? T^T And why is he sitting with some slutty-looking girl? Argh. Not fair. V__V Anyhoo, nothing of interest there...yesterday in world religions, we watched a video on Voodoo, yay. Haha, I actually already saw that before...years ago. I even used a part of it for a big report I was doing on witchcraft. Pretty cool. I'm not a fan of seeing cute widdle animals being sacrificed, but it was still better watching the vid than taking notes. Unfortunately I sat in the front...and...it was like sitting in the front of a movie theater--really bad on the neck [as if I need more problems with it!] In textiles, I talked to my prof more about that project that we'll do in the future. OMG, I feel so much better about it now. I was just freaking out sooooooo much before...too soon. I'm ridiculous when it comes to those things! ^^; But yeah, now I'm feeling better about my classes and things. I'm just prone to panicking ahead of time...with things I don't know about yet.

*thinks* I thought there was something else I wanted to mention, but hmm...I think this post is long enough. ^^; Sorry~ But yah. I don't know if I'll post this weekend...I have homework to do. Textiles is filled with crap to do. :*( poo. You all enjoy your weekends! I love you guys. Thanks SO much for visiting me. *hugs* Take care~

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