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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A little ranting, but don't worry...I'm coming to terms with this semester a bit now
*huggles* Hello. :) Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for the comments. I mean it like...triple times. XD Cause I posted on my World twice since my last post here, and I've been getting lots of encouragement. I really appreciate all of you guys! <3 Jamo, cynthia, Deb, Raisha, Anna, angelbest, Icchan, and fma! Arigatou to all of you for visiting me. And thanks to those again that commented on my World and ecard before. You're all so sweet for putting up with me! ^^;; And I mean it...lol, reading all my rants. XD I don't know what I'd do without this site and you guys! Thanks so much. ♥

And...this is my first time posting from the school library. XD This semester that is! As you know, it's pretty much my scheduled thing during the school week to go to the library whenever I have free time, and I usually post then. It's just a great time to be relaxing...like finally. When I'm in the library I just feel like I'm NOT being pressured or panicked. Unfortunately this semester sucks as far as having free time in between classes. ~__~' Last time I think I had at least 2 days with over an hour break in between, but now...this time I only have one day (today/wednesday). As I've already ranted about before, I only have 10 minutes in between classes other days. .__. No time to relax or eat! Argh. So I really need to enjoy this time right now, lol. I just had my economics class, and she let us out early (half hour early???) since it was our first day...so I even have more time right now. Yay.

OMG I've been feeling so sick today though. D: Like overly nervous of course...since economics was a new course today, and so I just freaked out again. I'm tired, and my sinuses are TERRIBLE. ;___; I have the worst morning allergies, I swear. I take so many different kinds of allergy meds, and none of them work...or at least they don't work right away so I'm stuck blowing my nose for hours. v__v I got up at 9am, and it's currently almost 11:30, and I'm still blowing like crazy. I can't breathe! Ugh, and I feel soooo annoying during class cause I'm always blowing my nose or sneezing, lol. Like so I'm on the computer now (duh), and the comps in the library are set up right next to others in these little cubicle-like things. A girl sat next to me, and I was going off with my allergies, and I think I scared her away! XD Cause she finally left after I had to reach for another tissue. Lol. I don't know what I'd do without tissues. I think I use at least half a box a day.

Anyhoo, economics...she just went over the syllabus and stuff. My friend Madii is in my class, which is awesome. :) I never get to see her! We may be in the same college, but we hardly see one another...this is only the second class we've had together. The other one was math in freshman year, I think. >> And she isn't exactly a "good student," at least not when it comes to attendence! Lol. She's always skipping classes...so even when we had math together, I barely got to see her. XD Test days, yeah, and some random class days in between, but not much! She even said today that I won't see her a lot in econ either. Bah! That's not fair. Girl, why won't you become better and just go to class??? Then I'll get to see you sometimes. T__T Classes are far worse when you don't have someone you know suffering with you.

A guy just sat at the computer next to me. I wonder if he's cute...argh, I'm too shy to even look over...too...conspicuous. >> *looks quickly* Ok...he's ok...darn it. If only he were that hot guy in my ethics class. D:

I have Christian ethics next. I think someone asked what that's about...err, I'm not exactly sure yet. I can tell you that it IS a theology course, and it also involves ethics. It's something like teaching us how to act and what the right things are through the Word of God. Er, stuff like that. ^_^; But we have to bring a bible every class and the catholic church's catechism. I'm not Catholic...and my prof isn't either. XD He made it a big point to say that! Sure, ok, so what? He's the guy, if you read one of my world posts, that has a massive uni-brow! Haha. Ok, as if those two things have any correlation. They don't...just...omg, I want him to shave between his frickin' eyebrows! Lol. I'm sure that class will be OK...not great, but not bad. Especially since that might be one of the few classes I'm taking that doesn't have a group presentation or big research paper...which, I RANTED like a maniac about yesterday. Also, ethics has that really cute guy in it...teehee! I can only hope that he won't drop the course or sit somewhere far away from me. XD

I'm obviously in a slightly better mood right now. Or rather, I'm TRYING to be. I'm trying to be a little more optimistic and just not freak out too much. I was so panicked and stressed yesterday...getting all of that information thrown at me in my new classes. Finding out that 4 out of my 6 courses have group presentations and big huge projects and/or papers...just killed me. I have trouble with compartmentalizing (?) information given to me all at once...like...all the syllabi my teachers have given us, and then I look at it and see all these big projects to do, and then I freak out even though it won't be due for months and months, and I haven't even learned anything in the class. >>' So yesterday was just a breaking point for me...only second day of classes and I was already getting super worried about everything! My fashion/textiles course especially. Lol, I already ranted a ton yesterday so I won't say it again...I'm kinda coming to terms right now with the semester and just seeing things in perspective! I need to learn to not get so much anxiety about things in the future. I will indeed be overwhelmed as the semester goes along, but right now, I shouldn't be. It's the first freaking week! Right? So yeah. I need to learn to relax.

Worry about things when I get there. When it gets closer, not the second day of classes. *tries to remind self* Last night I tried reading the first chapter of my psych (organizational behavior) book...cause we had to...and omg, I don't get it at all! Lol yet at the same time most of the information at the moment sounds JUST like my business management course. Very similar topics I suppose. But jeez, it's confusing. O__O Uhh...I was super just cranky and depressed and tired last night, so I didn't have a lot of fun. And the baseball game was a disappointment. Phillies lost, but what made it bad was...well, we were winning, then losing, and up until the LAST inning, we were STILL losing...but in the top of the 9th (my guys batting) we took the lead! *_* Like it was awesome! But...if you know baseball (if not I'm explaining), there's still the bottom of the 9th if you're on an away game, where the home team bats. And you send out your closer to try and get those last 3 outs...*sigh* And stupid Brad Lidge screwed up again. He blew the save...so we lost. :( I had my hopes up!! And he dashed them to pieces again. He's been playing really poorly lately. Like omg I don't know why the team keeps sending him out there. Ugh. So yeah...last night was just a bad night for me. XD The whole day killed me!

*hugs* I think I'm writing a term paper right now. Lol. Is this post really super long?? D: Sorry!! Uhh...tonight I have textiles homework to do, and we already have a quiz (we have one practically every class)...so gotta study. *sigh* I'm going to hate that class the most. T__T Anyhoo, I'm really sorry if I don't get to comment a lot today or this first week...things are just stressful. I appreciate you sticking with me though. *hugs* Take care~

Edit: Finally got to submit my wallpaper. But widescreen isn't working. :/ Argh, and it's so much better that way. ;__; Oh well. Until that works, only standard with stupid black bars of death is on theO.

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