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Sunday, August 23, 2009

School starts tomorrow. .___. Noooo....
Hi there!! *huggles* Thank you so very VERY much for the comments!! ^_^ I love you guys!! ♥♥♥♥ Before I forget, Raisha (thanks for the comments *hugs*), HERE is a picture of what my Baby Coco plush looks like. No, I didn't take that pic...just found it online. Little bear plush not included. ;3 He's so cute! ^^ Arigatou to everyone else! Deb, teapot, Char (yup, our mall has a Sanrio store! Luckily it's still in business), jamo, ulter-chan, Britty, Gabri-chan, Nana, and Anna-chan! Wow, lots of people. X3 Thanks so very much! I appreciate everything you said. :)

I'm always so...errr...no, such a liar! Lol. I'm tempted to say, "I'll try and make this a shorter post." But I KNOW it just won't come out that way. Soooo...I just won't. You get what you get, haha!

School starts tomorrow. T_______T NOoooo!!! Ugh. I'm so worried about it. Nervous, kinda depressed, just...really not happy about it. >> My parents always say, "You have nothing to worry about! You're a junior now, and you always get straight-A's. You're so smart you shouldn't have any problems." Uh THANKS. Just cause I'm a good student doesn't mean I like school. Just cause I'm "smart" and a junior doesn't mean I don't get anxiety about starting classes again. I don't know WHY I get so...freaked out [it's probably just my anxiety], but I just do. The social aspect and the whole feeling of unknown part gets to me. If I don't already know what to do or what to expect (if I'm not completely knowledgeable ahead of time), then I'm pretty far off the deep end, lol. It's obviously impossible to be omniscient about everything before it even happens, which is why I get so nervous before new classes/situations. ^^; Uh...but I'll try my darnedest to be a bit more confident before. I'll probably still feel sick to my stomach and not be able to breathe right, lol, but once I get to class things will be better. :) I hope. That's how it usually goes. I just hope that I know SOMEONE in my classes. .__.

Today I went to do the check-in thing. Super nervous before going, but then fine when I got there. Same as the previous 2 years. Except...shorter! ^^; So that's good. Barely anyone was there when I went, and like...there wasn't anything to do except pick up the student handbook. Usually that's when I get our (since I don't drive, that would be my parents...) parking pass! But they changed how to do it this time. ~__~' A lot more hassle. Before we'd just fill out a sheet with the cars' license plate numbers, descriptions, and then bam, you get a parking pass. Not this time. NOW they require $25 payment AND the cars' registration forms!! O__o Like WTF?? That's really ridiculous. So I didn't get it yet. I'll just have to wait...and usually mom doesn't park anyway--just picks me up and drops me off, so it shouldn't be a problem yet. Um...and I still have my ID from previous years, so I didn't need a new one (though the picture is VERY outdated, lol, and horrible).

After that, we listened to the baseball game on the radio~~ Gah!! We were kicking major butt!! Lol. We drove past Derek's [oldest brother] apartment, so we decided to drop by...he was rather surprised to see us. Mom and I don't really visit him a lot. XD Gawd, his place is sooooooooo dirty. So gross. What can you expect from a guy living on his own? He has his girlfriend (she's a freaking sweetie) that comes over sometimes and cleans...>>; But she doesn't do that often. All he does is play Street Fighter IV all day, and do stuff on his computer...and making music with his synthesizer stuff. Uh, he's 30 and unemployed. He had a very good job a couple years ago, but then he decided to quit cause his boss was a jerk. Ok. So yeah, now he's been happily "retired" for a couple years. XD It isn't right!! Poor Suse (girlfriend) ends up paying for a lot of stuff for him since her family is pretty well-to-do. She's just too nice! T^T I hope D gets his lazy cheapskate butt up and finds a job soon. Her family can't pay for everything for him, and we can't either. And D hates talking about it, but I'm sure they'll get married someday. ^_^; They're great together (though pretty much opposites), but he refuses to tell us that he loves her, lol. He can be such a jerk!! Just admit it and get on with it already!

Anyhoo...uh...most of the rest of day I watched the baseball game. ^^;; It was a great game, and then it went to be a terrible game, and then it went back to being the best game everrrr. XD Bruntlett!!! Hahaha!!! >D He like never plays, but they put him in today, and he did amazing! Though...in the 9th inning, he got 2 errors, and things were looking pretty bad for my Phillies. It went from a blowout to a travesty. But! Then he got a TRIPLE PLAY. O__O I've never seen one live before! Never! It's so hard to do!! Double plays are tough, but triple plays are even harder (seeing as there are 3 outs per inning anyway; that gets it all done in one play). And what made it even more amazing, was that it was the first time EVER in baseball freaking history, that an unassisted (aka Bruntlett did it all) triple play ended a game! Haha. That's so awesome. <333 I was getting upset and down when it appeared my Phils might've lost...but then that happened. Ah, bliss.

My dad thinks it's odd that I love watching baseball so much. Lol. "A girl your age should be out partying and going on dates instead of reading the sports page and watching baseball all day long!" XDD

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. I just felt really depressed and out of it all day, anticipating school. Plus, Corey had off from work, which pissed me off...I usually have my weekend to myself, but not yesterday. So I had to deal with him...do stuff with him instead of getting my sweet free time. Ah well. *thinks* I can't think of anything I did...special at all...and same with friday. Goodness, I don't remember friday at all. My mind is really going!! ;__; Uhhh...I thought we did something! Or maybe not! I don't know. I guess it wasn't important. I'm forgetting things more and more lately. Like last night, I let Totoro outside, closed the door, and I forgot I left him out there. He's an indoor doggy to the max. I mean, sure, it was only 15 minutes or so, but that's a long time for him! ^^; Corey started yelling at me for leaving him out there and forgetting about him. *rolls eyes* I was watching the game and doing dishes. I usually don't forget about Totes, but eh...he's fine. I felt bad about it though. DX I hope my memory gets better during the school year...

Ok...that's all from me. ^^; Boring, I know. Sorry!! Oh oh. Uh, no one has helped me with my wallpaper submission problem on theO yet. V__V So you can't see my wall full still. Or comment rather. Go ahead and do so on AP if you have an account though, lol. Just...Adam hasn't replied, and no one else has either. :( So it's still not working. Boo. Anyhoo, thanks for visiting me! I love you guys! Good luck to those going back to school and to those that already have returned. Take care~

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