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Thursday, August 20, 2009

This looks like a long post. ^^; Don't worry! I'm in a better mood than last time.
*hugs* Hi there, my dear friends! <3 Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for the comments last time. >.< Seriously. You were all so encouraging...gah, I can't thank you enough. Sparkle, Deb, Nana, Lute, Raisha, Char (3 times?? Lol, I don't mind! Haha), and roseeyes! I really appreciate all the sweet things you guys said to cheer me up. Lots of you (duh) understood how I felt about things...and a lot of you were also sorta "I dunno" about posting on blogs and stuff. XD But yeah, I'm glad I have you guys to be here for me! Again, I don't really talk to friends IRL about my problems, so that's why I gotta blow these things by YOU. <33 Thank you all! *hugs*

Oh gawd. I have country music on again, lol. I know many of you dislike it, haha...and I used to hate it, but now I think I like almost any type of music [that is, I can FIND a song in every genre that I might like]. O__o I blame it on Pandora since it comes up as related music to other stuff. Oh, and now it's playing Ayumi Hamasaki songs (one of the few Japanese artists on there)...hmm...for some reason, her music annoys me lol. It's her voice. ~__~' Hahaaa, anyhoo, that has nothing to do with anything! Uh, but first I suppose I should address my mood! In my last post I was uber depressed, well, I'm feeling better. :) Thank you very much! That day/night was just a miserable one for me, and I was in a slump with everything. I can't say I'm exactly HAPPY, but I'm not down in the dumps feeling like...crap. Physically, I'm still not all that well (with my head, neck, back), but mentally I'm getting better...though I keep having anxiety about school starting. *sigh* That's this monday! .__. Whenever it gets close to school returning I always have stupid school dreams. Usually bad ones, and then I wake up with an anxiety attack! Argh, that was like this morning. V__V

Tuesdays will be my worst day of the school week. My day is from 10:10am to 3:30pm. Well, at first that doesn't sound ALL that bad except that I don't have any time to eat! ;__; My first class is theology, and that goes from 10:10 to 11:25, my next class starts at 11:35 (10 minutes to get there), and then that goes till...12:50, and then my last class starts at 1:00. AKA NO TIME TO EAT. I just hope that I have good/nice professors that let me eat during it. It really depends upon the prof and the classroom. My university is a small one, and we practically never have classes in large lecture hall types; they're usually in small classrooms that are reminiscent of elementary school. And some have carpeting, and when we're in those, the teachers don't like us eating in there. >>; What a bummer. So I'll just have to wait and see how it goes! I can't go all that time without eating. D: Lol. Sounds ridiculous that my biggest worry is eating lunch, haha. Obviously isn't, but I just realized that today. Uh, Sunday I have to "check-in"...so that means getting up and going there to sign in and fill out some papers and things for being a commuter. I always find that to be a major hassle. It's like I have an extra day of school...or rather, they took away my last day of summer. ;__; Doesn't take long, but again, I find it to be a hassle...and it still manages to be anxiety-filled and nerve-wracking.

Although I'm still in a slump as far as walling goes, I made a quick wall the other day. It took me only a few hours cause I didn't make the vector. I've been trying to submit it here on theO, but for some reason, there's a retarded error/glitch not letting me submit anything. This happened a while ago before, and I needed Adam to fix it for me. It's been 2 days or more, and he hasn't gotten back to me...sure, gotta be patient, he's a busy man, but still! T__T I wanna submit it. DX I submitted it on AP, somewhat against my will though. I'm just tired of the people there--always so picky and snobby. Which is why I barely go on there anymore. I have a FEW friends I've made on there, but otherwise, it's a bunch of people I'd rather not talk to again (or that probably could care less about me). Um, so if you didn't take a look via my World, HERE is my wall (on AP). I'll make sure to let you know when I get it up on theO, too [if that happens anytime soon].

Ok. So what have I been doing lately? Nothing? Pretty much. Monday...was still feeling down after sunday, especially since I just had to be home with Corey. I swear he doesn't act like the 28 year old he is. >>' *sigh* Tuesday mom and I went out for a little bit of errands. I had to send off my packages (the ebay auctions I sold), and that whole money thing is taken care of. Mom doesn't care what my brother says, so she still paid me what I was owed. >D Duh! I mean, they were MY manga anyway. My brother is just a stupid, selfish, jerk. Anyhoo...after that, we went...to the pharmacy and Walgreens lol. Not exactly "fun." We were looking for a new pillow foe me, one to hopefully help with my neck. We did find one...but I haven't tried it yet. I was feeling still crappy that day, and ugh, when we were at the pharmacy I saw a certain girl I'd rather not see. She was working there. >< I totally didn't see her at first, but then we went up to check out, and O___O NOooooo. *tries to pretend like I'm not there...fails* Uh, she was one of the cohorts of my arch nemesis throughout school (elementary-high school), and she does go to my uni. She was in my fashion class last semester, and I didn't talk to her or make any contact ALL semester, lol, cause I just can't forgive her for what she and my forever-bully did to me throughout the years! Anyhoo, we did exchange fake smiles and pretend to be amiable, and when we left, I felt like really stupid...or just awkward.

Cause I've said this a billion times before, but I hate seeing people from school or whatever, outside of it. I don't like seeing friends, enemies, or even classmates I vaguely know. I'm terrible at making conversation if it's impromptu like that. ~__~' And I always end up feeling regretful or idiotic for things I've said.

Yesterday, one time when I woke up to look at what time it was, I totally twinged my neck. I turned it...and OWWWWW. It was like getting a charlie horse (pulled muscle/cramp) in my neck! It hurt so much. ;__; So when I got up for real, I asked mom if we could go to the chiropractor. XD Gawd, I see him all the time now!! ^^;; But my back and neck have been really bad lately...so yeah...he said I'm still really out of whack, and he's worried about me, lol. He still recommends I get x-rays done since it's not normal for a young 20 year old such as myself to have these problems. Ok, not exactly "not normal," but uncommon. Then again, he works with lots of older folks with arthritis and things, and so then he says, "What if it's that? How's this or that?" Like, he's an alarmist, lol. He comes up with suggestions of ridiculous treatments or odd chairs for me to use...and I'm like, "Uh, I would probably look a tad bit out of place during class using that thing." Still, it's great he's so concerned (I tell ya he's almost like an uncle to me)...and I really don't feel well, but I don't want to do such extreme stuff.

After my chiropractor visit (my neck still hurts though!) mom and I went to the mall. She needed to return some shoes. I didn't get any more clothes, but we went to the Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store, and I got this adorable stuffed animal! Hehe! Their new (?) character is Baby Coco (a baby orangutan). He's SO CUTE. <3333333 I just had to get him. ^^;;; We went in the store, looked around, I carried him around, then we left without getting anything...but then...passing the store again to leave, I couldn't resist! Lol we went back in and I got him. X3 After that, we went home! My Phillies have been winning their past few baseball games, which is awesome. That always cheers me up. :) Last night's game was FANTABULOUSSSSS.

I think it's been 40 minutes since I started writing this post...sorry...^^; Woo. It's probably really long, huh? Well, it's been longer than usual since I last posted, so it's ok. I hope you don't mind! I'm too lazy to find an AMV or anything...so all you get is text. Gomen! *hugs* Thanks sooooooo much for being such great friends! I hope everything is going well for you. If not, you know I pray things to get better, too. Take care~

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