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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Does your bag want to bring one of its little bag friends? Well, TOO BAD.
Hi there, my sweets! *hugs* How are all of you doing today? Thanks for all of the comments~ I really appreciate them all. ^_^ Sinny, teapot, aisha, Lute [thanks a ton for telling me about that post!! Now I got your reply], and Shi-chan (oh, you're signing your real name now, Char!!). <33 Um, so yes, you all quite agree that my brother is really ridiculous and annoying with this complaints and reasons for them...I don't think anyone but him would figure that his car's seat is what's making his jaw hurt. >>' Ugh. Teapot, I'm sorry for tempting you!! When I mentioned that, I honestly thought about you and almost wanted to get rid of the sentence, lol. I didn't want to tempt!! I just love chocolate... And thanks to all the rest of you for everything you mentioned!! Seriously. <333 I wub you guys.

Ahah. I have NO internet signal right now. I'm using my laptop upstairs instead of posting on my desktop downstairs...which is what I usually do. I was just too lazy to go down there cause I wanted to keep watching the baseball game, lol. And I don't have a tv down there, so yeah. But I have NO SIGNAL up here!! T__T At least laptops are portable...so when I need to add my post, I'll just move. XD Hahaha. But yeah, this is a really good game today~~ So I had to keep watching!! ^__^ I must apologize to you, xaos, cause we're beating the Cubs~ ^^; Provided nothing bad happens, my Phillies will sweep them in this series. Haha. >D Cause right now it's 6 to 1. It will be the 3rd win in a row, and that makes me so happy! Cause they were losing so much before. ;__; Which made me uber depressed. You know how much I care about my baseball team...

Argh, my neck sure hurts though. That's one thing that really makes me hate using my laptop: I have to look down and it really messes with my neck. *sigh* I haven't had a day where my neck DOESN'T hurt in a long time. The chiropractor suggested I get x-rays done...ugh...I think that might be a good thing, but darn it, that would probably cost a lot! And what if they find something wrong with my neck?? D: My spine? Well, I don't think my mom wants me to get any anyway, but still. I'm open to any ideas because nothing is helping! .__.

Today I worked out with mommy. She somehow tricked me into it...I didn't want to exercise, nope, not at all. But I somehow got duped into it!! Lol. I'm not in shape; I may be thin(-ish), but I'm not in shape at all. I don't exercise...I'm too lazy...I don't like it, lol, though of course it's really good for you. >>; Anyhoo, man, I'm worn out from it!! My mom may be tiny, but she's got muscles on those bones. She loves aerobics, and she makes sure to work out at least twice a week (AT LEAST). She used to be an aerobics instructor; that was when I was little. Uh, but yeah, she made me do those aerobics with her today! In case she didn't know, I'm not exactly athletic, and I'm not USED to exercise...so she kinda overworked me. XD Haha. But it's for my own good. Anything is better than nothing...and my dad couldn't believe I was doing it. Hehe! He was quite surprised.

We were going to go out today (mom and I) until she tricked me into exercising, lol. I was looking forward to going shopping...either at the mall or just other places, but the one thing I thought we were going to do was get myself an ID. As in, a state ID since I still don't know how to drive. ^^;; I'll be 21 in november this year, and I still haven't learned how to drive, and so even though I'm old enough to do a lot of things, I've never had an ID to prove it!! *laugh* It doesn't help that I look really young for my age. XD I've told these stories several times...I'm pretty sure, but there was that time a few years ago when I just turned 18 and I went to the YMCA, and a lady in the locker room so rudely told me that I should leave because I wasn't old enough to be in there (it was an adults only locker room, wtf). She mistook me for being thirteen. Ahah. That was embarrassing. Another time where the doubt of my age came into play was a year ago at the Game Stop, and Corey wanted me to buy this game rated M...and the guy didn't let me since I had no ID. Lol. XD So HOPEFULLY TOMORROW I can go get that done!!

Yay! Phillies just won the game! :D Woot! Cliff Lee FTW. Swept the Cubs. Poor Cubs...

*thinks* Yesterday...hmm...I didn't really do much. Corey had off (he had off 3 days in a row, which really bugs me), so I had to put up with him. Argh he was so annoying!! >< But yeah, he went to the dentist the other day for the first time in 5 years, and of course they found lots of cavities. He still insists his car's seat is harming his jaw in some way, but wtf, he's just retarded. So he'll need some fillings. I honestly don't remember anything I did yesterday. Stayed home, played games, watched anime. Just nothing. :/ Watched baseball at night...while trying to sleep, the electricity went out, though I sure didn't hear a thunderstorm! It was just raining really nicely, that's all. But ugh, that was disturbing for me!! ^^; Cause I use a night-light...I can't sleep in complete darkness. I'm sure that sounds silly; do any of you use nightlights?

Speaking of silly, here's this funny video of that seagull stealing Doritos...HE'S SO SMART. *laugh* I love this video. It's just so amazing!!! I love that seagull. XDDD I put this on my World's post a couple weeks ago, so some of you already saw it. But here it is again...cause I'm too lazy to find something else.

*moves to get internet connection* Ok then. *hugs* Thanks so much for being awesome friends and dealing with me and my posts. I love you guys. <33 I'll try to comment later, when my neck doesn't hurt. O__o Hah, or at least not as much. My head is starting to hurt now, too. ~__~' Headaches. Bleh. Take care~~

**If you didn't know. My title is a reference to a stupid southwest airlines commercial, lol.

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