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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hmm...why must summer always come to an end?
Hi there, sweeties! *hugs* Thank you sooooo so much for the comments! You're all wonderful. How are you doing?? Fine, I hope. If not, then I hope that all things will get better soon!! <33 Thanks a ton for the comments last time. You're all too good to me. >_< Well, most of you. MOST of you. Lol. I'm glad that you like my new theme. And...I appreciate the encouragement and empathy! It's sorta sad though that I got to hear similar complaints about not being happy with our own bodies. ^^;; Really sad. Let's make it a point to be HAPPIER about ourselves soon, ok? So thanks to Raisha, fma-chan (well, I think I will call you Gabri, is that ok? your name is lovely!), Nana, Sinny, jamo, Lute, Icchan, aisha, teapot, imasyon, and sparkle! Wow. Wow. Lots of people. XD Thank you so much! <33

*eats mint chocolate cookie* Goodness, I needed my fix, lol. I can't go a day without chocolate...some people joke around with being "addicted" to chocolate, but I definitely think it's true! O__O

Sorry, I changed my avi again. >> Though I felt like I had that Yuri one for a while...maybe, though I really loved it!! It's just that I need to give Oofuri some love again, and I NEEDED to use this avi while it's still summer! I got it sometime during the winter last year, lol, and I've been waiting for the right time to use it. XD Abe-kun and Mihashi on their way to the beach, hehe! So I'm hoping my avi fickleness will stay away for a little, at least until school starts. *shudders* 2 weeks...well, a little less now. *sigh* Nooooo! I don't wanna go back! T__T It feels like too early, going back the 24th...though I've heard that some of you have already returned? Now THAT is retardedly soon. Way too soon. [My condolences.] Seriously, whatever happened to September being the "back to school" month here? I'll always remember that being the theme of sept. on calendars, like in elementary school and stuff...each month would have its little theme (Halloween for october, Christmas for December, a turkey for november, etc.), and it would have a schoolhouse for September! Ugh! Well, now AUGUST has become that month, eh? it sucks. I'm really worried. ;__; I always get super nervous before going back...I may be a junior in college now, but I still get anxiety attacks about new situations (classes). I always end up having school-related dreams at night, too, starting august and working up till I go back...I hate it... v__v I hope this semester won't be that bad! Good luck to all of you as well, that are dealing with school already. And to those of you, all graduated and done with that wretched place, many congratulations...

Oh hey, Pandora has Utada's songs on it...I guess these are only her US released stuff though. :/ Darn. I wish that site had other countries' music! >E *checks* Huh, they have Ayumi, too...interesting...

So, if you read my post on my World yesterday, you saw that I indeed sold one of my auctions on ebay! I'm super happy about that. ^__^ Those manga were just sitting on my shelves never being read (Ceres and Fushigi Yugi), and so...yeah, lol. Ceres was sold. FY is still up, and I'm hoping someone else will buy that, too. I also put up an auction of some random anime dvds that my brother wanted to sell. *rolls eyes* I sent off the package today, priority mail, although the guy still only sent me the money for media mail...I told him to send me the extra money cause he WANTED me to get it out quicker! It's a gift for his girlfriend, so yeah. What's stupid is that he replied later saying, "Sorry, but forget that. You can just send it whenever. I don't need it by friday anymore." WHAT?? >.< I already wrapped it up in the priority mail box...it's not fair!! T__T Jerk. So i still requested the extra shipping money...he better pay up.

Today my brother is going to the dentist for the first time in many many years! I'm so glad. I'm like so excited. "WTF?" Lol. Well, not just cause I'm getting time away from him, but I'm just GLAD that he's finally seeing a professional he can tell his problems to. He's been complaining for months now about his "jaw hurting." He's some sort of hypochondriac and so he would complain and think that it's "dislocated" because of the "seat of his car." Um, ok. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I'm TIRED of his f-ing complaining and crazy reasoning, and it's about frickin' time that he sees a doctor of some kind! If your JAW is hurting, then there may be a good chance of it dealing with your teeth. Since he hasn't been in years, I wouldn't be surprised if he had some problems there. I just hope that the dentist gives some kind of answers. It will be impossible to get him to go to a real doctor; it was hard enough to make him go to the dentist. I think dad just secretly set up the appointment one day and told him he's going no matter what...you know, it's not proper behavior for a 28 year old. *sigh* I'm so tired of him.

Woah, Pandora also has Yoko Kanno...I totally didn't think this site had ANY Japanese anything! Well, they have SOME.

Yesterday and today have been extremely HOT...like...ugh, dying, suffocating, humid, bleh, hot. DX I hate it! Argh. Anyhoo, Totoro had his vet appointment yesterday. :) He had to be brave and get 4 shots and blood taken!! *pets baby* He's so cute...he was soooo good! And they clipped his nails, which was MUCH needed. We haven't had his groomer over in a while, so his nails were really long...like talons. ^^;; They hurt a lot, lol! I'm glad that we took him, and now all is well. It's still odd though that he throws up a lot...like in the mornings after he gets up. :/ The vet had no answer for that. *shrugs* Oh...speaking of throwing up [that sounds like a really bad transition] my mom was really sick last night. :( Really sick. Yes, throwing up and whatnot...I was so worried about her. She's so freaking tiny; she really can't afford to throw up the only f-ing meal she eats a day. *sigh* This is a pretty private matter so I won't go into it that much, but I've said how she's so skinny and she doesn't eat much at all...she only eats dinner, and even then, she doesn't eat it all. One half of a meal a day can't sustain you. I really wish she would gain some weight! I kinda forced her to eat some toast this morning. She doesn't have breakfast at all either...but I TOLD HER to eat SOMETHING because she definitely needs something in her after being sick last night. God, I so wish she would change her habits. I'm afraid that one day she'll just collapse from malnutrition and then not have enough energy in her to recover, you know? Ugh. She's too tiny...

Sorry. ~__~' It's just depressing. My whole house is full of depressing people so that it gets me down! I try my best to help out, like, EVERYONE, but it's really hard.

I really like this song of BoA's...it's from her American debut album. A shame there's no music vid I could find. ;__; Just the song.

*hugs* Thanks so much for putting up with me. I really appreciate it. Hopes and prayers go out to any of you guys in need...as usual, keep Meg and her grandma in your thoughts; her grandma is now going through chemo. Take care, everyone~

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