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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Is there any hope for me? Huh?? IS THERE?? longish post ahead.
Hello! How are all of you? *hugs* I love you guys!! ^_^ Thank you very much for all of the comments. :) Wow, Imasyon!! It has been FOREVER. Literally. It's been about a year. XD Goodness!! *hugs* Welcome back~~ And welcome back to the rest of you sweeties!! Mandi, Nana, anna-chan, fma17 (you need a nickname, or your real name! TELL ME), wallie, and Lute! I really appreciate you guys. <33 Ahah, yeah, I guess I did bring my Phillies good luck that day...a shame I can't go to every game. ^^; Cause now they're losing again, lol. They NEED ME. Thanks for the encouragement and whatnot about my brother rants...I'm so sorry again I do that so much!! DX Ugh, and about girls growing up so fast...I'm kinda tempted to do a mini rant on that today. We'll see if I remember. :) Thanks again~~

Ok. Time for Miss Obvious. I changed my theme. Yes. See? I told you wanted to!! For once I actually did what I said, lol. Well, not really...but ok...I planned on making it dark with purple and/or blue, and here you go!! ^_^ I hope you like it (cause I do). I suppose Yuri from Tales of Vesperia (on my avi) inspired this color combo. What with his purple hair and dark clothing! I was just getting tired of the bright warm colors I had...though they were cute. Hmm, oh well. A change is a change.

I can't believe I've been listening to some country music omg. O__O I used to HATE it, lol. But I've been listening to music on Pandora, and if you've ever used that site, you can have a "station" dedicated to one artist or style of music, and then they play other music related to that artist/genre. I like to listen to contemporary Christian music >>' and a lot of it is similar to country-ish, so they've been giving me country music! And I DO like Taylor Swift, so again, country. *laugh* As for the rest of the music they play, it's usually pretty mellow stuff...alternative...or ballads. I really love dance music, but for some reason, I prefer relaxing types when I'm on the computer. X3 It's just a shame that it's only English songs--I can't have any Japanese goodies. T__T Which was the best reason for IMEEM...so I could have all the songs I've uploaded, but uh, I was tired of dealing with the 30 second crap. So yeah. I had NO clue what this site was until my art class last semester cause my creepy art teacher would always have it on. I'd be like "Pandora? Wtf is that?" Lol.

I'm thinking of setting up a couple of ebay auctions today~ My bookshelves are getting far too filled up! I have no room for anything else, lol, and I finally got my order from Borders today in the mail, so I really need more room. Sooo...I figured I should sell some manga I'm never going to read, AKA Ceres and Fushigi Yuugi (both by Yu Watase). I've had those on my shelf for years cause I got them in a manga auction I won many years ago...and I didn't buy the lot for those, so they've just been sitting there. :/ A lot of volumes, and they're so heavy!! XD Ugh, but I've looked on ebay to see if anyone's buying them for high prices, but not really, darn it. Well, I mostly just wanna get rid of them...so we'll see. I'll tell you when I get them up, and maybe some of you would like to bid. ^_~ Hahaa. I've been using my money a lot lately, and seeing as I don't have a job, uh, I'm running out!! XD So it would be nice to get a good amount from these~ Have any of you bought or sold things on Ebay?

Speaking of Ebay...that's where we bought those Pullip dolls. <33 And uh...we got some more. >>; Corey and I each got another one, and we also got one that will be for Mom's birthday [we're going to split the cost]. They arrived yesterday, and gawd, they're so cute!! T__T I really love mine~ But shoveling out $95 is an awful lot. *laugh* Hence my need for a little income. ;3 So here's pics of the ones we got:
♥Mom's gift
Alrighty. So yesterday I went to the chiropractor again! ^^;; It should be the last time for a while...my neck and spine were still whacky, so I needed to be adjusted. I feel like I need my own personal chiropractor to attend me everyday!! XD That sure would be nice. I'm sure that these problems stem from my hobbies (*cough*computer,reading,videogames*cough*) and the fact that I don't really exercise much. v__v Buuuut...I don't wanna change. *sigh* I'm so freaking lazy. I really do need to work out though...my butt is too big. >>' At least I think so. My mom keeps telling me, "No, you're perfect! You don't have a big butt or anything." SURE MOM. THANKS. My body type is so odd-looking, or at least I seem to think so. *rolls eyes* I felt super self-conscious about myself yesterday cause mom and I went to the mall after the chiropractor. I've been going to the mall so often lately! I used to never go, but since we go almost every time after going to the chiropractor, well, that's a lot recently...and also, I used to HATE shopping for clothes, but all of a sudden, I like it! T^T I don't get it. Lol. Just the thought of shopping for clothes or shoes, or anything other than books and video games was out of the question! It all started when I got my hair cut those months ago...

So yesterday I got a new pair of boots~ They're adorable! Or at least I think so. XD I wanted them in black, but they didn't have them in my size, so I got them in tan. When I put them on, they reminded me of cowboy boots so I started doing a little hoe-down (sp?) and dancin'! *laugh* And along came one of the shoe salesmen...and he started dancing and laughing, too. XD Whether he was laughing AT me directly, or just laughing in general since he joined along, I don't know, but it was rather embarrassing. -///- Ahah. I tried on some other shoes, but they didn't fit me well, so I just got those. After that, mommy and I went upstairs to get me some black leggings (shorts and capris) cause I wanted them to wear underneath skirts/dresses. Ugh, but here is where I started feeling super self-conscious. :( I don't look good in them...I wore my shorts, and yet, I really don't look good in them. I swear my butt is too big, my thighs too thick, and my legs too stubby to look good in anything other than pants. *sigh* Of course there were tons of girls my age (give or take some), and all their bodies looked "great." *rolls eyes* Thin, long legs, things that appear in proportion (though some parts looked a little large, lol >>)...and here I am, looking as I am. I guess I just got a little jealous seeing them, especially since most had boyfriends. Gawd. I just felt really bleh the rest of the day.

Uhh...it was worse during lunch. Cause I kept analyzing all the other girls around me and comparing them to myself. I know that isn't right...I should be happy with myself, and sometimes I am, but sometimes I'm not. Yesterday I was not. Mom kept telling me not to say any of that crap, but come on! v__v Allow me SOME self-deprecation, ok? Lol. Oh well. Anyhoo, after lunch, we went to Borders and I got another book. The second one in the series I'm reading now by K.E.Mills (Karen Miller's pseudonym). I LOVE HER BOOKS OMG. Buying books makes me happy. *thinks* After that...we went home...didn't do much at home. Just played games, opened my Pullip doll, watch baseball (loss)...yeah.

(I LOVE Imogen Heap~ aka Frou Frou. This one is soooo great.)

Ok, sorry. This post is getting exceedingly long, isn't it?? At least I didn't rant about my brother, right? Haha. I did rant on other things...and some things I could've, but I didn't. Oops. Oh well. I hope you don't mind. *hugs* Thanks for always being such great friends. Take care~

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