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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some repeat topics of my World post, plus talk about the baseball game! Pictures, etc.
Hello, hello! Hi there, my dears. :) Haha. Sometimes I swear I talk like an old lady. "Hi there, dearies. How are you faring today? Oh, my achin' back." Seriously, lol. Anyhoo, many thanks to those that commented!! It's felt like a long time since I last posted here, though that probably isn't really true. I did post twice on my World I think...since my last one here. Anyway, that doesn't matter! Arigatou to who visited me: Lute, sparkle (omg all of the long hair hot pics you sent me are great; how can you not like long hair on guys??), angelbest (wow, first comment! <3), Icchan, Anna-chan, Nana, Raisha, and xaos! ♥ Some of you (still in school) go back the same day as me (24th)! Though some are lucky and get a bit more time...though I know some have to go back even earlier. :( Not fun. Thankies again to all of you.

I'm thinking I should change my theme soon...here and maybe my World, too. :/ It's been a couple months now, I think?? I need something blue/purple, you know, darker! I just changed it as such, lol. I don't know. We'll see; I might just be too lazy. :D I'm way too lazy lately. Though at the same time, I have a huge sense of duty and conscience...so it makes me not be lazy. My being is full of hypocrisy. But I don't think website themes fall into the "duty" category, lol.

So yeah, I posted on my World the other day...err, actually that was just yesterday! Woo, my mind is going~! *cough*I'msuchanoldladynow*cough* If you didn't read it, that's fine. I mostly just ranted more about my brother and mentioned how we were going to the baseball game last night. ^_^ [RANT]First, I was ranting about my brother cause he was enslaving me again...to do more things for him because HE is so lazy. He is totally devoid of a sense of responsibility. He has been wanting to sell his car, and like before, he wanted to just try selling it on Vehix. But, uh, last time I put it up for him, and well, whaddya know! He wanted me to do it again for him this time around. Cause he's stupid and lazy. And he didn't want to pay me anything for setting it up for him...not to mention having to do all the rest of the stuff (reply to emails by interested buyers, take pics, etc.). He made a big tiff about it and wouldn't give in, and he made it into an argument while we were out to eat tuesday night; my parents didn't do anything about it either. Mom kinda tried, but Corey yells at her just as much as me...dad doesn't like getting into things, so whatever. Let him yell at me in public.

Anyhoo, that's all past news though. It's done. I did it for him, and he let me "own" Tales of Vesperia, even though it's not like he'd ever play it. You know he just buys games to collect and ever play...so he does let me play them, but if I finish one, it goes right back into one of his many boxes. *sigh* He's a selfish turd. Sure, my oldest brother D is a total cheapskate, and corey talks bad about him in that sense, but then he's really just as bad. He always needs instant gratification. Oh, he's SO great. Oh THANK YOU. Oh, you're the best for letting me play that game you never will. Oh, I'm so glad that I'm able to do everything you ask of me, o master. *rolls eyes* He would make a mighty good king. A mighty good, corrupt king.[/RANT]

SORRY. I'm done ranting about my brother now. I already did so on my other post...and yet I reiterated a lot of it again, lol. I need warnings so that you can skip some of that stuff, haha. Anyhoo, everything's ok now. I've just gotten to my boiling point with him. That night, after the little argument, gawd, I just felt so depressed. I wanted to kill him or me or just something. And I felt sick again. My darn head...and nausea! I really should go to a real doctor. The chiropractor does what he can, but he can't prescribe meds or give other advice. Uh, some of you were like, "Why go to a chiropractor for those feelings?" Well, he does more than just crack backs. Chiropractors aren't back specialists--they're specialists in muscles and bones, how our bodies are aligned. And usually, when someone has a headache, the pain might be referred from being out of whack, whether it's from the neck or back. And nausea can occur when you have really bad headaches! So I've been going to get my neck back into shape...cause it really hurts, and so he helps with that. I'm going once more tomorrow, then hopefully I won't need to go for a while.

Now then!! Yesterday, after I put my bro's car on Vehix, uh...didn't really do much until it was time for us to get ready to go to the game!! ^_^ It's the last Phillies game we're going to during the summer; we're going to the very last game of the regular season on October 4 though. And it was super fun!! <333 I insist that I'm good luck. Hehe. Cause they were on a little losing streak and not playing well at all...so I was a tad worried that they wouldn't do well last night either! But, hahaha! >D It was great!! I was sooo HAPPY cause I got to see my favorite pitcher, J.A. Happ (who I call "Happy") pitch! ^__^v Lol, I love him. He's been through a lot lately-- trade rumors, a couple losses, possibly being moved from the starting rotation, etc...but I always had faith in him~ I'm so glad we didn't trade him. He's the BEST. <33 I wanna marry him. I don't care how balding he is though only being 26!! He's single and LONELY. *laugh* Um, so yeah! We won (obviously). He pitched a complete game shut-out, his second of the year! *__* And if you don't know what that means, it means that he pitched the full 9 innings without giving up a run. We won 7 to 0.

This post has been interrupted by my computer spontaneously shutting down. Thank goodness for Session Manager on firefox!!! I was just changing the song on Pandora, and then bam, it died. Weird. I would've been so pissed if it didn't save my post.

Lots of homeruns...hits...Happy even got a double. :) Hehe. It was so fun to stand up and cheer!! So great!! The only problem with it was that we had tall people sitting in front of us...so it wasn't that easy to see everything. We did have field-level seats though, so it was pretty cool being so close. I mean, not the closest you can be, but still. I took some pics...though they're not as good as I've had before. Too many heads in the way, lol. XD *thinks* I guess I won't go into more details about it, since it bores a lot of you...though I know lots of you care, too! But yah. It was great, though my head started hurting a lot afterwards! Thanks to bright lights and loud noises.
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The last pic was slightly disturbing, although cute, too. Lol. They had these little girls doing a dance routine...to country music. They were really good, but I'm sadly not looking forward to their futures. They danced a little too risque for being 11.

Ok. Ok. I'm done now. I do believe I have nothing else to talk about...I'm so sorry. D: This was a long-ish post, and a lot of repetitiveness and boringness. I appreciate to all those that comment. And even if you don't get around to it, that's fine. No one says you have to visit me all the time. XD *hugs* Major prayers (or thoughts) go out to Meg still, Teapot Domescam, my dad, mom, and anyone else that's in need. >.< Take care!! *hugs*

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