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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorry! This is a pretty crappy post. A lot of complaints...bad stuff. Gomen! ;__;
Wow, hello~ Hi there. ^_^ Thank you so much for the comments! *hugs* Lala (nice to get a quick little comment from you! I love you, too!!), Britty (I've tried Melatonin, and it doesn't work for me, but thanks), fma17, Rachel, Nana, Wolf-chan, and Raisha! Arigatou to all of you for the comments. Yes, several of you have the same feelings as me about makeup. XD It isn't really necessary, and it's crazy when some girls completely cover their faces with it. Sure, it can look good sometimes, but where's the natural beauty then? Anyhoo, thanks for all the sweet words. You guys are awesome. <33

Ah, so I didn't post yesterday like I normally would. I actually wasn't going to post today either. ~__~ I have been feeling terrible again. I thought maybe I'd feel better after going to the chiropractor last week, but no dice. I have been feeling sick...sick!! Bad headaches everyday, coupled with nausea. It sure sounds like migraines to me...my mom has them often, and she takes special meds for it. I haven't been to a normal doctor yet, but I don't see how he'd help. Sure, if he says I have migraines, then we'd have to pay lots of money to get the prescription. *sigh* Stupid lack of a medical plan!! >E Or at least not a good one. Anyhoo, for the past few days I have been plagued with such headaches and whatnot. And it doesn't help with my sleep. v__v Unless it's the lack of good sleep that's been causing them. It's a vicious cycle, whatever it is.

Ugh, and I'm stressed out right now cause of the baseball game! ^^;; My poor Phillies haven't done too well this weekend. Stupid SF Giants! Argh, their pitching is way too good. I thought maybe, just MAYBE we'd win today...but it isn't going so well right now. *sigh* This wednesday we're going to another game. I know, it seems like we've been going to a lot of them this summer! Lol, well we have! XD I'm lucky. After this wednesday's game, we're going to the last one in october...and so that's it. But wow, I'll be going to a total of 4 games this summer! Last year we only went to 1. ^^ And SO FAR my Phils have won each time I've gone. I really hope that's the case this time!! T__T

I've been stressed out with a lot of things lately though....I don't know. Just, a bunch of crap. I just wish I felt better. And so now I'm in a down mood. Like omg it's already august. WTF. School starts soon...august 24. That's way too early!! ;__; Whatever happened to going back to school in september?? Bah, it's so stupid. Soooo stupid. Oh, speaking of school and before I mentioned a medical plan *laugh* well, I have health insurance or whatever now from my school. And let's just say it isn't very good!! XD If I lose one member/limb/body part, I get $1500. If I lose 2, I get $3000. And get this, if I die, my parents get $3000. So basically, I think I'll choose losing a couple of limbs as opposed to dying. You know? It's the same amount of money, plus I don't get the money if I'm dead, lol. It doesn't really make sense. Are they trying to say that I'm as good as dead if I lose both my eyes or hands? What a ripoff.

Sorry, that was rather morbid humor. XD But I found it funny. And it seems that I only have negative things to talk about today! Um, here's the card I made yesterday for my friend anime snow girl's b-day! ^_^ Thanks to those that commented already. If you haven't seen it, feel free to look if you want. It's from AIR. I haven't made a lot of AIR works of art despite it being one of my favorite anime ever.

Yesterday my dad and brother Corey were supposed to go to this "ghost hunting" thing, lol, at Fort Mifflin (sp??), which was an old war-time fort...they were supposed to go there and spend all day there getting a tour, and then sleep over during the night. So it was supposed to be this really scary sort of thing, with guys going to "hunt" the ghosts and record them etc. Well, they went early, looking forward to it. My dad had signed them up months ahead. ^^;; I'm really AFRAID of ghosts. I don't know if they're real or not, but I have a really overactive mind, and that's what causes me not to sleep a lot...cause I get so afraid outta nowhere. Anyhoo, they went, and I was looking forward to freedom from them for the day and night! Well, Corey ended up calling around 4pm, saying that it was so boring and they wanted to leave. *sigh* >> They said that all day they were stuck sitting through lectures about the fort and about how to use this equipment to record the ghost noises. ~__~' Ummm....yeah. Not exactly fun. The organizers of the event didn't want them to leave, but they lied and said Corey was feeling sick so they could go.

Great. They ended up going fishing and metal detecting though, but still, I was looking forward to them (especially corey) being out all night. ^^; Lol, but at the same time, I didn't want them coming home after spending the night...and being like possessed or something!! O__O When they got back, corey showed me pics he took of the place they were staying. OMG it was sooooooooooo scary!!! T__T I don't know how anyone could sleep there. Nope. Which is why I suppose most of the guys were just going to stay up trying to find ghosts. Oh gawd, that's so freaking scary. I wouldn't have even gone there for a tour! Maybe they left cause they really got scared instead? XD

I think I'm going to the chiropractor again tomorrow. I need my neck fixed...if that's what's causing my headaches so much. :/ Who knows? Maybe I have some kind of a virus. Anyway, uh, I just printed up my schedule for school. -__- Looks pretty sucky; at least I don't have any late classes, but I really wanted fridays off! Darn it. Stupid economics class. Monday: theology (Christian ethics), psychology. Tuesday: theology (world religions), textiles, business. Wednesay: like monday except with economics at 10:10am. Thursday: like tuesday but without business. Friday: just one stupid econ class at 10:10. What a waste of my day/morning!!! ><

(I really love that song~ Not the vid that much though, lol...but the song always seems relaxing to me.)
Ok, I think I'm done ranting now. Seriously, I'm sorry. Today's post was just a bunch of rants...and I don't think I'll comment a lot today since I feel so bad still. Sorry. :( Thanks to all for the congrats on being an Otaku Angelite now though! I appreciate it. I'll do my best as one. Please keep praying for Meg and her grandma! And add my dad in there, too, ok? He might have a benign (hopefully that's all it is and not cancerous) tumor near his brain...so yeah. Um. Thanks, take care~ *hugs*

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