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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today and yesterday. Stuffs of girliness...boring post maybe? XD
Hello, my dears! *hugs* Thanks soooo much for the comments. :) Wow, lots of people visited me! O__O Do I deserve that? Lol. XD Thank you all! *hugs* Welcome back to Cassie, Deb, Mandi, Keri, Nana, Raisha, Reki, Sinny, Anna-chan, and Sesshy! See? Wow, lots of people. <333 Ahah, but yeah, I appreciate all that you've said! I know (obviously) about the sleeping pills! I wish I could sleep without them, but this is how I get during the summer. I usually get back to a normal natural sleep pattern when school starts up again...probably because I have to wake up earlier and do more things during the day! I'm just plain lazy during the summer. XD But thanks again for your concern. :) I know lots of you are really fast readers! I never was...I like to do other things during the day aside from read, which is why it would take me a while to finish a book. Anyhoo, thanks again~

I keep changing my avi. >.< It's still Yuri from ToV, but jeez, lol! I just keep finding new ones I like...so I change them. >> I know some people that change their avi practically every other day, and then there's some that keep it forever (Sinny *cough* Reki *cough*). But we're all different in that respect~ And I've been trying to stick to Mihashi (Oofuri) ones, but I haven't found a good new one I want. :( So I'm sorry to him for cheating with Yuri right now, lol, but I love Tales of Vesperia! It's such a great game. *__* OMG. I was playing it today, and my dad was taking a break from work when he started watching me play. As in most rpg's, you usually run around, but if you hold down a button, you walk (or sometimes the reverse), and most people run, right? I sure do! It's tough playing a game when you have to walk slowly everywhere. Anyhoo, my dad remarked upon that, and he called Yuri a "she." Lol. He's like, "Why does she always have to run everywhere? Let's see her walk for once!" XDDD I'm like, "Dad, he's a guy." Dad: "Oh right. I forgot that Japanese love their guys that look like girls." *laugh* It's so true! And I love them that way, too. >> Bishies ftw. Hahaha, but then right after I told him that, he said he was a girl again. I have to admit though, that when I first saw ToV in a magazine, I thought Yuri was a girl, too! XD

It's really hot out today. Hot and humid, steamy and bleh. DX I can't stand this kind of weather! But we've been lucky in having rather cool weather most of this summer. Despite the heat, I went outside and used Sun-In for my hair. Remember I talked about that before? It's to highlight your hair...so yeah. I'm still trying to get some blonder highlights. I guess it looks a little lighter, but it's still pretty brown to me. :/ And yet...sometimes I feel that maybe I'd rather dye my hair a dark color instead! *laugh* But I've never dyed my hair before...this is the closest I've done to that. I dipped my head in the jacuzzi, sprayed on the stuff, and sat outside reading magazines. Woot. Here's to hoping I didn't get sunburned. *cheers*

Yesterday we went to the chiropractor, thank goodness!! I've really needed to go and get an adjustment, since I've told you how many headaches and neck aches I have had lately. They're just terrible. ~__~' Advil doesn't help, ice and heat packs don't help either! And now I don't even think the chiropractor helped. Dr. Shields did get a lot of cracks outta me though...I was very "beat up," as he put it. Lol, he always makes me laugh nonstop though. XD I say this a lot, but he reminds me of like a second father. Or an uncle, something like that cause we've known him for sooooo long, and I'm comfortable around him. I'm always joking back and forth. I don't think anyone else has laughing fits like I do at a chiropractor visit. XD Doesn't seem normal! Hahaha. Anyhoo, after that we went to the mall. I didn't get to buy anything though...since mom and I were with Corey. :/ And he doesn't like shopping, unless it's for him and more video games! So he did end up buying a game (Resident Evil 5), but I didn't get anything. I didn't even get to go to Borders! T__T But I got a Happy meal at McDonald's, lol, and my toy was sooo cute! They have Ty Beanie Babies back again as the prizes, and I got the adorable Fez the monkey. :D Gah, I wub him! Way back when, when BB's were super popular, and I'd collect them...mom would make sure we got each different one in the happy meals. XD

O.M.G. I think...I don't think I mentioned this. Lol, but the other day, I FELT LIKE A GIRL. Wait, I am a girl, yes, but I don't act like one most of the time. ^^; I said this before: I don't wear makeup. Ahah, but I've always wondered what it's like to wear it...like what would it look like on me? So when mom was putting on hers the other day, I asked her how to put on eyeliner!! *laugh* I know it's pretty pathetic. I'm 20 yet I don't know how. Hahaha. But I know that lots of girls wear it and it looks really good! So I was curious. <333 And I really liked it! ^_^ Yup. I didn't put it on VERY well, but it still looked pretty good...so I went through the day feeling pretty~~ Teehee, I have officially opened up my repertoire of girl stuffs! Lipstick, eyeliner...ok, that's it. And I don't think I'll wear either often, but still, the knowledge is there! And believe it or not, it wasn't until a half a year or so ago that I started shaving my legs. >>; I was always too lazy, and I'd always wear pants so it wouldn't matter. Don't judge me!! XD I'm just so lazy. I'm not meant for doing girly preparations. ;__;

*thinks* Oh, baseball! Sorry, yes, baseball section. ♥ Things have been going good on my Phillies front! I think they've won 3 in a row now. :) Amazing games over the weekend against the Cardinals...and now they're on the west coast, going against Arizona and San Fransisco. Won last night (the first game against AZ)...which was awesome, of course (for me). <3 I just don't like it when they're playing on the west coast because of the time difference! So the games start at 10pm. T__T Making me stay up even later, lol. But oh well. I stay up till 1 anyway. I think we're going to another game next week...that should be fun!

Alrighty. Oh, last night...no, the night before? Day before? Whatever, I made an ecard for xaos's b-day! I know most of you probably saw it already, but if you didn't here it is. :3

And now for an amv. The video isn't the best, but I really like the song. I think it's a cover of Linkin Park's What I've Done...by Marie Digby. <33 I think it's a perdy version. She's part Japanese, did you know? She even went on a Tokyo radio station a while back...anyhoo.

Thanks so much for visiting me!! *hugs* I think this is a longish post. Wait, when aren't my posts long? XD Sorry!! Heck, it might even be short for me! I never know. Haha. Take care, my dears~ I hope you're all doing well! Stay healthy, and I'll try to do so as well (it's hard to do).

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