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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I was kinda at a loss for what to talk about today!!
Hi, hi! *hugs* Hello there. :) Thanks so much for the comments the past few days!! I really appreciate them. I know it's been a longer time since my last post here, but most of you know why if you read my post on my World. I'll explain in here anyway later~ Thank you all so much! Icchan, Britty, fma17, Oli-chan, angelbest, Raisha, Mandi, liz, Keri, and Lys! Wow, so many people. *__* Arigatou~ Yes, I had tons of fun at the baseball game. :) I'm glad all of you weren't totally bored by my ramblings. XD And most of you thought the dollies we ordered were cute! Lol, some of you thought they were disturbing, hehe. That's fine~~ Arigatou again!

O__o I haven't posted like this in a while: I'm using my laptop, and I'm sitting upstairs! Usually I just use my desktop downstairs, but I'm watching the baseball game right now [currently winning tied, but who knows what'll happen. We won~~ By A LOT! *__*]...and I am without a tv downstairs, so yeah. Ugh, it's really hot out today--hot and humid! T__T Yesterday it was chilly, especially at night. I swear it felt so cold last night...there was a little storm so that cooled things off. But now it's back to sweltering. :/ Oh yeah, you know those Pullip dolls I mentioned in my last post? Well, they actually were supposed to arrive in the mail today! ^^; Super fast delivery! Lol, but signature was needed to GET the package, and no one answered the door. We were all asleep cause the mailman came at 8am (too early for most of us! XD)...so yeah, I guess we'll have to wait till monday, darn it.

Ok, so why didn't I post the other day? Argh, well, I've been having bouts with bad headaches and neck aches...and, uh, wednesday and thursday I had really bad migraines. Or at least they felt like migraines...though mom said maybe I had a virus? Ugh, but it was really terrible. I was out of commission those days...I guess it started wednesday night, and my mom gave me some of her migraine meds, but they made me feel worse!! ~__~ She said they'd make me drowsy, too, but omg, I so didn't sleep that night. *sigh* I laid there and laid there, and even though I took a sleeping pill, I didn't fall asleep until 6 freaking am. I have been rather paranoid at night...like I hear noises outside, and then I freak out and worry about what they are; I also worry that if I fall asleep, I'll never wake up etc. >> Fear of what'll happen when sleeping...it's ridiculous, and now I'm pretty dependent on sleeping pills, even though I really really don't want to be. Epic fail.

I haven't done much at all lately. I haven't felt like it. I've been in a slump of sorts. DX My aches and pains haven't helped, that's for sure!! But like, I think I'm giving up on my wallpaper. I'm hoping that my sweet Oli-chan will agree to collab on it with me because I don't feel like doing anything with it anymore. Just think, I used to make a wallpaper EVERY DAY a couple years ago. Every single freaking day. 'Course, back then I wasn't doing "advanced" techniques that involved working many many hours...but still, I don't know how much I like walling any more. :( I have great ideas in my head of things I'd want to do, but then I think about my skills...and just get down: I can't do that!! I'm not that good. ~__~' Lol, and I draw even less. Now I only like to make e-cards sometimes. I'm tooooo lazy. *dreads* I just thought how I only have a month left before school starts again. How about you guys? How has your summer been? (provided the season you're in right now is summer, lol!)

Last night I finished reading the book [I was reading (redundant!!)], The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller. ^_^ It was sooooooooooo good. I've been mentioning it in my posts off and on. But wow, I read so quickly! It was 710 pages, and it only took me roughly a week to read. O__o That's a record for me, lol. I know some of you are probably super speed readers that finish books that long in a day or two, but heavens, I could never do that. I read slowly to absorb every line. XD And I only (usually) get to read at night, before bed, so that's why I'm amazed I read it so quickly. It was so good (addicting), but gawd the ending was sad!! T___T Ugh!! Don't you hate it when your favorite character is killed off?? Or rather, they have to die for a cause. Yeah. *rolls eyes* Sacrifice. *sigh* So yeah, I loved the book, but I so wish that my favorite guy didn't have to die...TT^TT I wanted to cry, lol. But I've never cried at the end of a book, so I felt that maybe I shouldn't. >> Have any of you cried at the death of a fictional character? I have several times for ones in anime or movies, but never manga/books yet!

My internet has just disconnected...

Happy birthday to those whose b-days are soon or just past! Much love!! <3333 xaos's is tomorrow, so yeah. :) Um. *thinks* Uhh...I think I can't think anymore, lol!! XD I haven't watched like any anime lately. Well, older anime (Ushio & Tora, City Hunter), but I haven't found anything new that's good. So most of my days are spent playing video games. Whatever. I'll stop wasting time now! Here's an amv. :) I really love Paramore's songs~~ "When it Rains." It's really well made, though I don't care for most of the anime in it! XD

*huggles* Ok, that's all. Sorry for the boring post~~ I'll comment when I can. I love you guys. Thank you so much for visiting! Take care~

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