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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some random topics, cute dolls, last night's baseball game~~ Lots of fun for me!
Hi, my dears. :) How are all of you doing? Good? I sure hope so. *hugs* Thanks so much for the comments! ^_^ I really appreciate them. So a nice welcome back to those that visited: Raisha (aww, no problem! well, I'll hold off on the makeup for now), Anna-chan, Deb, Nana, fma17, grif (sorry, I don't remember you all that much! ^^; Gomen), and Saku-chan (omg it's been forever!). ♥ Arigatou to all of you!! I read your comments earlier, so now I don't really remember exactly what each of you said, lol, so I'll just say thanks again. :D

Dinner is almost ready so I'm going to TRY and make this quick. XD You know I suck at that though. Hahaha, I say it'll be short/quick, but then it ends up being 20 pages long. Gomen. ;3 Uh, but yeah. I wasn't even going to post today. I usually do, right?? But I just felt like BLEH NO. I wanted to play Vesperia instead...so I did...but then I got to this boss, and I died, so I was like "FINEEEEEE. I'll post." Lol. I worked on my wallpaper for like...5 minutes. >>' Yeah, I'm getting really lazy with it. I guess I'm tired of it and just want it over with, but I'm NOWHERE near done. Haha. ^^;; I'm not even finished with her hair yet! I have nothing done with her outfit...and then, jeez, I'd have to do the bg. ~__~ Who knows when I'll get it done?? *laugh* I appreciate everyone being patient with me. I think my "friends" on AP have probably forgotten about me by now. XD I barely go on there these days...since I haven't finished my wall. I don't like looking at people's wallpapers on there until I'm done with mine. It makes me too jealous. D;

Today is a nice, cool, rainy day! Me likes.

I haven't done much today. Corey has off work, so of course I've been stuck with him. :/ Mostly played video games...watched random stuff on tv. Listened to music. Nothing special. Gah, I need a shower. DX Lol, my head itches!! And argh, I feel like I have so many pimples lately! O__o I hate them! HATE. It's mostly the left side of my face, too. If only I had a half-mask...just to cover that side. >> I have a couple that never seem to go away, like they're permanent freaking pimples. Or just like I have red irritation on that side of my face all the time. It's weird. Any secret tips to have a clear face?? ^_^;

My brother has been oddly obsessed with buying these Pullip dolls. They're absolutely ADORABLE, but also pretty expensive. But anyhoo, he wouldn't stop talking about them!! He'd research them on ebay and watch them, and then he wouldn't stop telling mom to buy him some. ~__~ Well, obviously SHE wouldn't buy them for him. But yeah, anyway, once he gets into this collecting mindset...he won't stop until he gets all that he wants, lol. So finally yesterday, he/we/mom went through with it. Yes, I got one, too. They're sooooo adorable~ I can't wait for them to arrive! They're coming straight from Japan, so it will be a while. Corey got two. I don't know what he'll do with his (dollies in a grown 28 year old man's room?), but yeah. Let's see if I can find the pics of the ones we got...
Mine ♥
Corey's 1
Corey's other 1
I bet you guys think we're crazy! XD I don't know. I hope they look as good as they do in the pictures. If any of you are fans of Kuroshitsuji, Pullip also makes ADORABLE dolls of the guys from that series. <33

Ok! Sorry, that was way too random. I didn't need to talk about that, but I ended up doing so! ^^;; I wasted time. Sorry. D: Yesterday! I need to talk about last night!! Dad and I went to the Phillies game. ^__^ As I mentioned! Cause he got 2 tickets free from his bank lady. Bank of America...and they were suite tickets~~ Hehe! So yes, we got to be in one of those private fancy suite rooms. Us along with I'd say 10 other people. The bank lady, her husband, another old couple, an old guy and his sons (family reunion thing), and that was it. I met all the people, and they were all so sweet~~ Especially Jennifer (the one that gave us the tickets). She reminded me of like a teacher...or an aunt. She was just so nice. I didn't like being on the spot, being asked about where I go to college, etc...but whatever. ^^; It was rather exhausting, but fun of course! I always end up getting major headaches when we go to games and whatnot. So many people, lights, noises...but yeah, just like the other game we went to, it was loads of fun.

I was afraid that my dad and I wouldn't have as much fun, just us two, that maybe he'd get cranky or it'd be awkward driving in the car, just us...but he wasn't. It was totally fine. He let me put in an Utada CD, lol. He usually doesn't want to put up with that "Japanese crap." [*interrupts post to eat dinner*] As in, any anime music or any music that I like. He prefers his oldies. ^^; But anyhoo, the trip there wasn't too bad. We even arrived early, which was very good, because we parked so far away...and ended up being very very far from where our suite was. Lol. Right when we got to the ballpark, we asked this worker where our seats might be, and he pointed us in the direction, and boy was he off!! XD Our suite number was 9. We ended up in front of #57. Yup, so we had lots of walking to do. But we ended up making it fine, and we were even early enough to see the players warming up and stretching. :) Teehee! I thought it was cute, lol. Anyhoo, it was a wonderful night~ We won majorly (10 to 1!); Phillies kicked butt. The poor Cubs fans that were there! Gah, it was so exciting to see 3 homeruns! *__*

Here are a couple pics I took:
The following one has the Phillies mascot, the Phanatic, in a Batman costume (it's very hard to see! he's over to the right, in front of a couple of players) Why was he in a Batman costume? Because Jack Nicholson was in the crowd! I thought he was just LOST. Cause he had on a Yankees cap...lol, and he just looked out of place. He was there cause apparently he and Reese Witherspoon are shooting a movie here in Philly. And if you remember, Jack played the Joker way back when...and so hence the Batman outfit. It was really really funny. Sorry again, it's not like we were THAT close, so it's hard to see anything. >>

Umm...so yes...it was a great night. That was win #9 in a row for my Phils. ^_^v I'd love to say that tonight's will be number 10, but I don't know yet. We're not doing that great, lol. So I was happy that dad and I got to go last night...it was the best. ♥

Alright. I don't think I have anything else to talk about. Sorry if it was boring~ I know most of you don't care about my baseball talk! But it's important to me. XD So yeah. Thanks for putting up with it! I love you guys. I'll comment when I can. I didn't go online like at all last night since we were out till late with the game. I visited maybe 3 people. And today I haven't been on much...mostly Corey's fault. :/ Sorry again. *hugs* I wub you! Take care~

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