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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Thanks you guys for the encouragement...I'm working on my paper right now...*sob* I'm having such a major writing block!!! >< For some reason, ideas just are not coming to me for this one! It's a report/analysis on the book The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan. My huge paper is a an analysis of that and 2 of her other books. It's supposed to compare all of them with her writing style and such...it really sucks. So hard!! Ok...now I'm gonna work on it for real. *sigh*

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at least I have more time

Well, today we're supposed to have that English report due at the end of class...but I'm nowhere near finished! So I talked to my teacher this morning, and said that I for some reason just can't make sense out of what I'm supposed to write! It was really hard to concentrate yesterday cause everyone was sooooo loud and annoying! My friend kept on showing me stuff and not helping me work...Plus, I was spending my time on here quite a lot. ^^; It's very distracting to have internet on a computer when you're supposed to work...so anyhoo, my teacher said that I could have another day to work on it. I hope I can actually keep on task today and get it finished...

If you see a post on here around 11 am, that means that I wasn't quite working on it...cause that's when I have class. ^^; Oh yes, and thanks you guys for commenting on my last post!! It seems like you get more comments when the post is about being bad or something...well, anyhoo, I'll try to actually get my work done today! Thanks for your support about my drawings, too. I hope you looked at them! Only one person commented though...oh well, that's fine. ^^;

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm so evil. I'm in English class right now...and I'm supposed to be working on my book report/analysis paper!! Argh!! I hate it...I have about 3 sentences done. ^^; I don't know what I'm doing. *sigh* Papers are stupid. I guess I'd better work on it now though...

P.S. Yesterday I put up some of my original characters! I hope that you guys look, comment, and enjoy! ^^

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Monday, March 13, 2006


The weather these past couple of days has been so nice!! Today it went up to 78! The normal high is around 50 or 45...so it was definitely warmer! It felt like summer. ^^ Too bad the weather's gonna be cold like normal the rest of the week...possible snow. *sigh* I do love the snow though! I like chilly weather with rain the best though. I can't stand it when it's hot and humid, well, anything 80 degrees and above or when it's really sunny.... ^^; Anyhoo, that's all I'd like to say...just thought I'd share that.

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   some help

Ne, ne...does anyone have any tips/suggestions on how to make wallpapers? As in...you know, how to make them look "professional"? Mine look pretty good (only my Sakura Taisen one looks more professional...sorta), but I want to know how to make them look all shiny/sparkly, you know, like how ones more people download look! ^^; Maybe I need a new version of Photoshop...mine's somewhat old. Well, anyhoo, any tips would be appreciated! *nods*

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Sunday, March 12, 2006


I just wanna sleep...today's weather has been nice and cloudy and rainy...*sigh* But I can't sleep...cause I have to do stupid homework for English!! >< I have to make stupid notecards with info from criticisms and the 3 books I read (all by Amy Tan) for this research/analysis paper. It's quite a drag...a lot of work. I really don't want to do it, but of course I have to. It wouldn't be so bad if I actually read all of my third book...

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Friday, March 10, 2006

   saturnine disposition

Yes, "saturnine"! It was a vocab word in the last lesson we did in English...it means "of a gloomy mood" or something along those lines. Well, I guess that's how I've been most of the time recently! I'm happy at home (for the most part), but then when I'm at school...ugh, I just feel like crap. It just always has to do with friends, I guess. The times I feel most depressed at home is when I'm checking myspace...and seeing my "friend's" pages on there. It just depresses me to see that they never leave comments for me or tell me anything! I'm always the last to know...*sigh* This is just a general statement...nothing has happened recently, other than that one "friend" I mentioned before that just all of a sudden defriended (I don't even know if that's a word...) me.

I was going to post stuff that I hate in this, but I don't feel like it now...I was going to talk about how I can't stand ignorant people, especially people that are ignorant towards other cultures and make fun of them because of it...well, maybe I'll go more into detail about that some other time. For now...I just wanna sleep. Oh, and in case you're wondering...yes, I changed my avatar. Now it's Hikaru no Go's Sai!! I love Sai...he's so cute...why'd he have to die??!!

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

   *sigh of relief*

So I went to English class today worrying about the stupid presentation...you know, whether I'd have to do it or not and if there'd be the whole other class coming to watch. Well, since my teacher didn't have the other class come in I was like, "Ok, I guess I have to do it..." So I did my part! I stood in a nice little corner that was formed from the teacher's desks coming together in the front of the room...so I felt more comfortable, plus my friend in my group stood right next to me. I'm so glad it's over now! All that worrying for nothing!! >< I'm so tired now...

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006


So another crappy thing happened today. *sigh* I am really getting tired of writing about nothing but depressing crap! So, anyhoo, today in English class we were supposed to do this presentation (group) about the book, Hucklebery Finn, in front of this teacher committee and the kids in our class of course...I was a bit worried before, but once my teacher said that she might bring in the honors class to watch, too, I freaked. She said that she'd ask if anyone was uncomfortable with that,so she did and I answered that of course I was uncomfortable!! So my teacher says, "Well, if even one person minds then we won't have them in here." And what does she do?? Completely disregards my opinion and has them come to watch, too.

I start having a nervous/emotional breakdown...I started crying and asked to go to the bathroom so I wouldn't look like a piece of crap in front of everyone. My friend comes in to comfort me, and she says that my teacher said that I didn't have to present because of my whole nervous breakdown thing...yeah, great. I felt a lot better after that, EXCEPT that we ran out of time today so my group didn't even go!! >< So now tomorrow we'll go, and she said that she wouldn't have the other class come watch...but what does that mean?? I'll probably have to present anyway then! *sob*

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Monday, March 6, 2006


I'm back into my "depressed mode" again...my, how my mood swings! This time it has nothing to do with friends on here or anything else on myotaku (I'm lovin' it right now!^^)...it has to do with my, as one might call it, my "real life" friends. *sigh* I always have trouble with friends it seems. You see, I have a myspace, and I've been "friends" with this one girl on there since we've been in school together in Middle school...or so I thought. She switched schools a couple years ago so I've been keeping in touch on there...except not. I've been leaving nice comment after comment all the time for her, but she would never reply to any of them. So today I go on there to find that she removed me from her friend list! She hasn't talked to me in months though I've still tried to be her friend by sending her messages, and then she just gets rid of me without telling me why. I never did anything to hurt her...I've said nothing but kind and encouraging things, so why? It doesn't make sense...*sob* It just doesn't! Is there something wrong with me?? I would even visit her at her work, but even then she'd sorta ignore me. I just don't get it...Help! Maybe someone on here can help me understand?

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