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Monday, January 31, 2005

   Hey Everyone(1/31/05)
hey everyone how are yall doing today!!this sucks its monday noooo!the worst day of the week!oh well yesterday i went to Huntington Park and i went into the music store and i bought a Slipknot CD it has some cool songs and some bad ones!-_-but im gonna download them into my MP3 so i can take em anywere even though i can still do it with a cd player oh well!!well thats it for today ^_^
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Friday, January 28, 2005

   Oh my God!!!
woah!!!yesterday i was watching WWE when all of a sudden the lights went off!!!yeah isnt that scary???it was a black out!!!i was like wheres my flashlight damn it but i couldnt find it then when the lights came back on i found it!!!then i was watching T.V again then about 15mins. later they went out again and it was about 10.30pm at night so it was really dark and since i live on a second floor i looked out the window and it was very dark outside no lights at all and i was like WOAH!!!it looked kinda creepy then the lights went back on..it happened about three or four times and i dont really know why it happened oh well...and it was funny cause i heard ppl screaming outside and they sounded funny!!!i was one of them..hehehehe, well gots to go see yall laterz
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

hello everybody how are you all i can write again cause my teacher came today and i am so happy heeheheheheheheh*_*well right now its lunch time and im eating a pizza!!!so good well thats it for today!!!(^_^)
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   Oh my God!!!
damn today being the good person that i am i signed up for donating blood and then THEY came to take me away!!!so i went to the auditorium and it all started!!!i had to answer questions like 40 i was like whoah!!!then they took like 3 freaking bags of blood and then the good part came ^_^they passed out snacks hehe i didnt feel dizzy but now damn i bearly go up the stairs and im breathing hard and no im not fat if thats what you ppl are thinking you know who you are hehe...now i feel dizzy and weak!!!better eat something huh!!oh well i saved three ppl with that blood hehe well thats it for today...^_^feel sleeeeeeepy!!!!
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hey ppl guess what!!!my freaking a hole teacher aint fucking coming today that fucken sucks ass!!!now what the hell am i going to fucken do!!!!!!nooooooooo i cant come on today!!!well see ya laterz
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

oh yeah my freaking pm thingy was full so i had to erase some old messages!!!well yesterday i almost lost my MP3!!!!i was like noooo i had forgotten it somewhere then i told my mom to go back and thank god it was still there i was like yaaaay!!!
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Monday, January 24, 2005

   What the Fu*k!!!(1/24/05)
hey everybody hope you all had a nice weekend cause i sure didnt!!!well i got the reults for my drama test and i had a 21 over 25 so its a B i did good but on the other hand it was only 5 freaking questions!!!i still havent gotten my results for my computer test i think i kinda passed it but not with the flying colors thing hehe!!i renter some movies just to pass the time i rented AVP,The Village which was a waist of my money and Anacondas i rented them just to pass the freaking time!!!boooooring!!!was my weekend booooring or what!!!!huh!!!wtf!!!thats some load of shit!!!well thats it for today i think!!!!!weeeeeiiiirrrrrddd!!!!!
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Friday, January 21, 2005

hey everybody!!!yesterday i took two tests first in my drama class it was a easy test it was only 5 questions what kind of a dumb teacher would do that!!!???i think i got a good grade like a b or something then on my computers class i did another test with like 30 question!i think i got like a c or something i hope i did good!!!well thats eat see ya laterz!!!^_^
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Thursday, January 20, 2005

   Very Lonely!! (1/20/05)
hey every one im here at school and i am very bored and i found this chatsite thats very lonely in ppl and im gonna post it up so you all can go and fill it up and sometimes i will be there as Kenshin hehe if anybody wants to talk to me!! www.maximumoffspring.com hope you all enjoy it and have fun and i hope i get to talk to all of you anime fanatics!!!just like me!!!^_^www.maximumoffspring.com
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well right now im at class doing my work cause im so bored and desperate in doing something!!!yesterday i went to a potluck in scool and it was afterschool and they awarded certificates and i got a perfect attendence and a certificate for being in the honor roll!!i was shocked i didnt know i was in it oh well thats that!oh yeah and have i mentioned that i like dbz and that dbz/gt freaking rulez!!oh yeah im also listening to my music(metallica)!!yeah rock on!!!
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