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Friday, June 17, 2005

hey whats up, well did anyone feel the earthquake yesterday??i did i was in my 5th period class and we were all talking in the class when all of a sudden !!!! earthquake hehe everyone got crazy and starting screaming and running around it was actually funny but nothing bad happened no injuries or what so ever hehe well its friday no school for two days hehe and on sunday i think im going to the river azusa with my family and its a church thing, and thats it for today X_X
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Thursday, June 16, 2005

well hello everyone, guess what i didn't have to walk yesterday because my friend gave me a ride home so haha no walking for me yes!!!well today im gonna buy my yearbook and hopefully they have some left then everyone in my class can sign well only the people that i know of hehe well i think thats it for today(^_^)
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

hey hey everyone -_- well today my mom was gonna take me and my brother and sister to school but the damn brakes didnt work so we had to tell my aunt if she can take us since she lives like 10 seconds away from us so she did and i dont think were going to fix the truck anytime soon so goodbye truck :( *waves in dispair X_X well now i have to walk home after school damn it legs dont fail me now!!!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

   hello everyoneX_X
well hello there, well today i got nothing to post but i downloaded some metallica songs which are freaking bada** like ride the lightning and from who the bell tolls those are some good songs!!!anyone heard them before???*sings to the music* lalalalala...well thats it for today-_-
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Monday, June 13, 2005

   *waves to everyone* X_X
hello everyone how are you doing today???well on saturday i didnt do nothing hehe and i bought a yugioh pack and some good cards came out like black tyranno and gemini elf and invader of darkness, well yesterday there was an earthquake and i felt it and it woke me up well i was already awake, then later on i went to a fair with my cousin(Shuro) and it was boring because it got me dizzy and it gave me a headache so i left home it was only like 5 blocks away hehe and did anyone see Family Guy yesterday that was a funny episode well laterz everyone(^_^)oh yeah and i changed the song from byob to my chemical romance HELENA that song is tight!!!
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Friday, June 10, 2005

   It's Friday!!
well im back from the damn grad night thing it was alright but it wasnt that bad either i had a good time but it could have been better and the lines were moving quickly so that was good and some rides were interesting hehe and some were just plain boring like almost all of them, i was late and i thought the schoolbus was gonna leave me behind over in disneyland but i bearly made it in time and i was like phew hehe well thats it for today(^_^)
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Thursday, June 9, 2005

well today is thursday and today is the day that i go to gradnight hehe, well im not gonna write a lot today because i got to get back to work not work as in money but work as in class work!!!school sucks!!!thats all i have to say (^_^)
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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

well its wednesday and tomorrow we go to gradnight and it better be fun or i want my money back!!!and i agree with all you people system is freaking way cool!!!!i think ill keep it there for a while!! my dumb friend doesnt like it shows what he knows!!! oh yeah my friend let me borrow the game call of duty for ps2 and its a pretty good game but i got some codes for it today just to make it a little bit more funner with more killing and stuff like that, anybody got codes for it??which isnt infinite ammo??well if you do send them to me i would appreciate it-_-well i think thats if for today (^_^)

angel of chaos is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


From Go-Quiz.com
well i saw a lot of people with these kinds of things so i just put one up for the heck of it (^_^)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

well its Tuesday again and we are not havinga short day today which really sucks!!because we are not coming out early and who wants to stay in school i think we all know the answer to that hehe well i think thats it for today oh yeah and i think that im gonna add some music in here hehe(^_^)thanks to kari asota-_-i had written its thursday again which its not its friday hehe just kidding well thanks to Jinku the Kitsune i changed it time before i made a fool of myself hehe and i say thank you (^_^)i was going to put a different song but it didnt work so i changed it back to BYOB hehe well now i think thats it for today, i have written more than i usually do hehe-_-
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Monday, June 6, 2005

   No it's Monday!!
Noooooo its monday again, oh well, well today in my computer class i finished the work on time and my teacher made me correct some damn class work that's what i get for being done on time!!well on thurday im going to Disneyland because of gradnight it would have been better if it was six flags because its just plain better!!well thats it for today!!(^_^)
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