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Sunday, September 14, 2008

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YAYZ! We got to go to the movies yesterday to see Righteous Kill! It was a awesome movie with a suprising little twist at the end! Seriously it took me by surprise cause I NEVER would have guessed. Turns out my sis and my mom didn't go to the anime convention cause they didn't have enough money for it. That suxs for her! I got that stupid spreadsheet work done and I don't have to do n e homework today! Thank god! The only other thing to share is I got Futurama Season 1 Disc 1 from Netflix yesterday. I will watch it ALL today since there is only four episodes on this disc. Then, I plan to watch Invader Zim! YAYZ! It's been awhile since I last watched that show. T_T Other than that, I am going to try working on my poems, and fanfiction. If anyone wants to see my poems, PLEAZ request for them in your comments or you can message me! THANX!

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Magnus Lensherr:
I hope you get to go to an anime convention and thanx for the congrats on the test scores! *hugs* Oh that sucks about the glitches in your computer. Hope they go away REAL QUICK!

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

It's Lisa's time to shine! After Bart, Lisa is another one of my favorites.

Lisa as president of the USA. This comes from the episode, "Bart to the Future", and it's on season 11.

Another b-day cake starring Bart! I love how the figurine looks. It makes him look like a puppet from Seasame Street or something LOLZ XD! I adore it! :D

Lol look it how BUFF he looks compared to his head. LMAO! XD

I love Treehouse of Horror! Those are one of my favorite Simpsons holiday specials!

I saw this at a Border's store once and I WANT it so DAMN badly!!!!!! LOLZ XD!

Thats all peoples! So now I am off to comment on sites!!!!! LATERZ!
~Bart Simpson~
Cool you got DKC2, DKS?!

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