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Saturday, September 13, 2008

   w00t I am happy!!!!!!!
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GAH! STUPID COMPUTER! This post was supposed to be posted earlier than this! I had to re-type ALL this because the STUPID internet logged me out and closed all my pages just because I was uploading a photobucket image at the same time GRRRRRR! Anyway,well we DIDN'T get to go to the movies yesterday because I had this stupid hard assignment with a spreadsheet and it's being stubborn and won't do what I want it to do! Curse you homework! *raises fist* But I did well on the tests. I got an 94/100 on the Math test, and a 22/25 (88% a B+, might as well be an A- XD). I am very proud of myself and I thank those who wished me good luck! It worked! My sis and my mom are going to an anime convention, but I am not because I just woke up, I don't feel like going, and I am not a huge fan of anime anyway. We are definitely going to go see Righteous Kill today! I have been dying to see it so I am going to MAKE sure it happens! XD And now this!

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Here are three poems that I wrote just last night. I hope you enjoy them! And please tell me in what certain areas I need improvement, but PLEAZ be nice about it!

The sun is gone
But I have just begun.
The stars come out
As I lurk about.
My thoughts whisper to me
With a gentle breeze that blows the leaves
On many trees I see.
The pale moon is the light of the night.
I look up and gaze at its wondrous beauty.
My worries drown in a sea of wonder
And the emptiness that fills my soul is awakened
From a deep slumber.
But I am no longer empty inside,
The presence of midnight has clouded the negativity.
I wander for hours until my eyes are heavy.
As I watch night’s scenery fade away,
I am exposed to another day.
By Melissa Acosta
Written 9/12/08 10:42 PM

Breaking Dawn (Reality’s Evil):
The sun peeks its yellow head from under the horizon
And shines morning light on my restful face.
I am forced to awaken to reality.
One that is not silhouetted by dreamy dreams,
But one that is cruel as it seems,
A world that shatters my daydreams,
Of laughter and optimism.
For at times I cannot be the happiest person people know well.
I swallow my pride and am confined to shed blood red tears in my soul,
From my aching bleeding heart.
For you see, I am not outspoken,
I am quiet, and have word filled dreams.
I don’t express my deepest thoughts for fear of slayed,
By critics of the unknown or of strangers who refuse to learn.
The Anti-social parts of me are my shackles I loathe to obey.
For I know the only cure, is courage and self belief.
Because I know I am different than most.
I beat myself up for being pure, cleansed of all evil
Even though I am on the path to a bright future.
I think this because it is not the way of society.
Most people don’t care, thoughtless of those in need, but I am not similar.
A virgin is lusted after, and lost in the blood shed by the lover,
Even earlier than a committed marriage, but not me.
Daggers tear a heart piece that I have saved, but have gone to waste
Because I was foolish to rely on someone else.
I hate those who hate me with a passion and go to my closet case routine,
Hate them all, hate them all, and don’t trust anyone again.
Breaking dawn reminds me of who I really am.
Of the one who is scared to face the truth.
By Melissa Acosta
Written 9/12/08 11:24 PM

Reality’s Sunshine:
Despite the world’s flaws,
I can wake to another day of sunshine,
Of work and play that seizes the day.
Live to the fullest that what I always say.
For dreams may bring only the happiest of times,
But fresh material cannot be recorded without experience first,
Though your memory is hazy when you wake from your slumber,
It doesn’t matter, creativity is dream’s fuel for imagination.
No creative paint would be present in the depths of your mind,
So you couldn’t draw your personality and the setting.
Without reality, emotions could not be felt, you could not know happiness in dreams,
Sympathy for suffering and the idea of invincible while being their hero in your sleep.
Only blankness would be there with endless time to spare,
Solitude of your mind would be dull and busyness makes time go fast.
Insanity of boredom would creep and stick to the empty space,
Replacing the lack of knowledge, distracting you from irreversible stupidity.
Your senses would be useless and have gone to eternal slumber.
So even though knives of despair hang above your head and are dropped at unexpected moments in time, enjoy the thrill of being alive, for it only comes once in a lifetime.
For that is reality’s sunshine!
By Melissa Acosta
Written 9/12/08 11:48 PM

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Angel Zakuro:
I know it does, but she is okay now. Thanx for your concern! *hugs* I know when you miss one headline you fall behind! XD

Magnus Lensherr:
I know it suxs, but you can't cry over spilled milk you know? I am glad you are concerned for my friend, but she's fine now. We are definitely going to the movies today! *monster hugs back*

sparkle 078:
Yup it sucked, but its alright now. She's fine. Thanks for wishing me good luck! It worked! And I am glad you think my pics are always awesome! *hugs*

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

The Simpsons Movie Poster
I luv this movie to death! I saw it when it first came out on July 27th, 2007 at Century 16. It was packed! XD

How to draw Bart
How to draw Bart steps 1 and 2. I got to find the other steps that go with this. TO GOOGLE! *does a google search* LOLZ XD!

Homer_Color_B & W
This is also an advertisement for The Simpsons movie. But, I like how you can see the drawing sketches and the finished color portion.

ooooooo! A concrete Bart drawing! That'l last forever! The date is exagerated though because the Simpsons didn't exist in the 70's. XD

WOOHOO! The Big Book of Bart Simpson! I need to snag me a copy! I love Bart!

HAH! Good title, he is bratty. I read somewhere Matt Groening named him Bart to emphasize on the "Brat" word. Interesting huh?

LATERZ! *waves bye* I am off to comment on sites! HERE I GO! *flies away*
~Bart Simpson~
Wow man!

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