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Friday, September 12, 2008

   Ah sweet dude, yes YES!
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Ha, the title for this post is a quote from the South Park Movie: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut by Eric Cartman. N e way, I finished my homework yesterday like I always have. Then my friend Grace came over after school while I was working on my homework, but we talked and watched American Dad together. She slept over too only because she got into this fight with her mom which ended her mom pushing her, but she pushed her back, but then walked away after calling her a b!tch so the didn't actually punch each other or nothing. Thank god! But, she told me this is a one time thing so I am glad this doesn't happen ALL the time. Well the only thing else to tell you is I WAS supposed to go on a field trip to an Invesco Field Tour for my online school, but I totally screwed up the date and we missed it. I was supposed to RSVP on September 8th and the field trip was on Wednesday September 10th, at 9:30 AM, but I thought it was today. My dad and I were planning on going cause my mom and sis couldn't. It was free for DPS Online students, but $5 extra if my dad went. Also, I have two tests I need to finish today for History and Math so wish me luck! I think my dad said our family might go today after my mom and sis get home from work and school to see the movie, Righteous Kill that just came out today. I hope we do get the chance because I have been wanting to go to see that movie forever! XD

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Yup it's all good and I am glad you like the show American Dad and my Bart Pics I post up. I hope you get your internet back soon! It's a drag having to go to your friend's house to use it you know? XD

I do a google search, and find some on photobucket.com and various other places I can find LOLZ! XD

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

Bart smiling!

Homer grinning!

The Simpsons
Ha a a a a a The....Simpsons!

Homer laughing!

Haha! Kiss Bart's butt!

YOU KNOW! I'll show you love n e time G!

LATERZ! *waves bye* I'm going to comment on sites now!
~Bart Simpson~
They look at me and they go into a huddle, get the sinking sensation I'm in deep deep trouble.

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