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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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Nothin' much really happened yesterday. I just finished my homework for online school, and watched Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 Disc 2 I got from Netflix. I still have to watch the 12-16 episodes, but that show is soooo funny! I hope they make new episodes too.

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Kool you're the same height as me! I am glad you lost fifteen pounds! I am just glad I am not considered fat, but I'll have to watch my food intake and exercise a lot more than I used to if I don't want to keep gaining weight though LOLZ! XD It suxs that you have to do this when you get older cause your metabolism slowly starts to slow down even if you have a high metabolism like me.

Angel Zakuro:
Yes physicals are annoying and thanx for telling me I am not short! I appreciate it! :) That suxs, my sister has a had time getting up too so your not alone. Lol yeah I luv South Park and no you're not wierd when you say "I'm just a white girl", you make me laugh! XD

Gah I hate when they give you anaesthia! I am glad you got through it! Yes mmmmmm pancakes! *drools* Hehehe like Homer Simpson...XD

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

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Lol Bart and Jessica Loverjoy when they were dating as boyfriend and girlfriend! How cute! I remember that episode! It is in season 6 and the episode is called, "Bart's Girlfriend".

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*whistling noises*

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GET 'EM G! This is from the episode, "Bart the Daredevil" and its on Season 2. This is one of my favorites.

WELL BYE BYE! I'm going to comment on sites now! *waves bye*
~Bart Simpson~

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