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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

   Same Old Same Old
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Not much today. Same old same old. Yesterday I had a physical at 2 PM with my sister. I was glad I didn't need to get any shots. However I was a little disappointed that I am only 5'4 and I gain a little weight eventhough the doctor said its not a problem based on my height range. Afterward we went to Village Inn. I wasn't hungry much so I ate my Dad's side order of pancakes, and drank some water. Otherwise I went home and watched South Park at 10 PM. Then Home Movies at 11:15 PM, and The Oblongs at 12 AM. No I am not tired as I type this. My body is capable of getting up at 9 AM without feeling tired.

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sparkle 078:
Dang girl you better start on the essays! Thanx I am glad you like the picture. That suxs Bart will finish them off in your next update. What race are you? South Park jokes about every race. It's in humor and I think its funny but I don't disrespect people of different races or call them racist slurs. Thats just not me. Ohno-Chan....I rather watch The Simpsons. To me personally he's not that cute LOLZ XD! But, thats mine if you like him.

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

Hi buddy! *waves to Bart*

WOOHOO BART GOT A D- ON HIS TEST! I remember this episode, "Bart Gets An F". This is the first episode of the second season.

You got that right LOLZ! XD

This doesn't look like authentic Matt Groening drawings. I think someone just pasted his signature onto their drawing LOLZ! XD

I want that pin! That looks rare to me.

Whatcha hidin' from BJ?

Well thats it! BYE BYEZ! *waves bye*
~Bart Simpson~
I'm ending your vending dog!

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