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Sunday, September 7, 2008

   Fun Time
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Well yesterday the art museum was fun with my mom. We went to all the exibits and stared/admired at the different types of ancient art. There were six floors to explore and we explored all of them. It took us three hours since we arrived at 2 PM. Otherwise, I went home and went on the internet to quibblo.com, deviantart, myo, and neopets.com. I am addicted to ALL of those sites so you should check 'em out if you get the chance cause they are REALLY FUN! Grace came over later and we had a fun time with her. Afterward late into the evening, I watched South Park Season 4 Disc Two. I watched the episodes "Chef Goes Nanners", and "Something to do with your finger". Those are both funny cause the first one involves chef protesting about the South Park flag being racist so the kids in South Park Elementary are required to do a debate based on this topic for their debate club and Wendy [Stan's Girlfriend] is strangely attracted to Eric Cartman! LOL XD!

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

YES MANY SURVEYS! Did you take it? Yup it was cool going to the art museum with my mom. Just me and her!

Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com


LOL A parody of the matrix. I've never actually got to see that movie, but I will one of these days!

Another BJ Simpson comic. LOL Look at Milhouse! Lisa get away!!!! XD

A parody of Harry Potter in the Treehouse of Horror XII episode.


WHY YOU LITTLE?! *strangles Bart* *Bart makes strangle noises* LOL I LUV WHEN HE DOES THAT! IT'S SOOOOOO FUNNY! Except Bart's suffering, poor little guy......

Well that's it everybody! Now I am off to comment on sites! BYEZ!
~Bart Simpson~
Cool man!

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