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Friday, February 3, 2006

i'm sooooo bored!
well i'm going to go snowboarding tomorrow and thats going to be fun cuz theres a whole lot of snow. i found out that i might...key word might...go to france this summer for a whole month but i'm not sure yet. thats going to be fun cuz i never went out of the US ever in my life and i get to see all the family in france so thats great. i'll be there for my b-day too so yeah. Tori-chan is going to go with me too.

Tori-chan: yep! i cant wait!
Me: yeah whatever
Tori-chan: you sound tired
Me: didnt you know that i am you baka!
Tori-chan: hey, i'm not a baka!
Me: whatever well really tired cuz i stayed up last night doing my freaking homework. stupid homework
Tori-chan: yep! then in the morning she kinda looked dead!
Me: will you shutup!?
Tori-chan: fine meanie!
Me: thank you!
Tori-chan: ...
Me: finally...peace and quiet
Tori-chan: HI!
Me: NOOOOOOOOOOO! anyways thats all i have. cya!


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