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Monday, December 26, 2005

day after christmas!
so today i was planning on going snowboarding but i didnt cuz i'm in a whole lot of pain. so i didnt go. instead i went shopping with my mom. yesterday was of course christmas and i got an ipod shuffle. 240 songs so now i'm really happy! i spent all of yesterday playing video games and that was fun. i had turkey yesterday and that was really good. my mom wasnt there again cuz she went playing a chinese card game till 2 in the morning. she only won like $10. i'm waiting for my dad to install software so that i could download music to my ipod shuffle but that wont happen today so that sucks. next sunday i'm going to go to my cousins wedding. if youre too lazy to figure out what day it is, its going to be on new years day. and i'm still trying to find the music sheet for eternal snow. i found the song but not the music. and i found the music video for 1000 words from FFX-2 too! so i'm happy now. i think that its all!


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