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Friday, September 29, 2006

   maximum ride-the angel experiment
Maximum Ride

The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride the essence of adventure this book has the most adventure and heroics and pain and love than ive ever seen read or even heard about. This book has gotten me addicted to the author's writing any book he has wirtten or will write i will be glad to read anyhthing he writes. But about the book this book has inspired me in countless ways ill name three:show no fear, be strong, and get strong to show my strength. but the point of this is to tell u about the book not brag about it

well the book begins in a small house a top a mountain (details unknown) the main characters are Max, fang, iggy, the gasman, angel, and nudge. these six "avian -human hybrids" yes hybrids

to be cont.

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