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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

stuff about me

name:charles johnson
current location:wvc
eye color:green hazel
hair color:dirty blonde
right handed or left handed:r
the shoes you wore today:starter/running
your weakness:love
your fears:spider and losing love
your perfect pizza:hawiian
your bedtime:none
your most missed memory:kathy
pepsi or coke:none root beer
macdonalds or burger king:none
single or group dates:single
lipton ice tea or nestea:lipton
chocolate or vanilla:choco
cappuccino or coffee:coffee
do you smoke:no
do you swear:sometimes
do you sing:sometimes
do you shower daily:no
have you been in love:yes
do you want to go to college:yes
do you want to get married:yes
do you believe in yourself:yes
do you get motion sickness:no
do you think you are attractive:no
are you a health freak:no
do you get along with your parents:yes/no
do you like thunderstorms:yes
do you play an instrument:did
in the past month have you drank alcohol:no
in the past month have you smoked:no
in the past month have you been on drugs:no
in the past month have you gone on a date:yes
in the past month have you gone to see a movie:no
in the past month have you eaten a box of oreos:no
in the past month have you eaten sushi:no
in the past month have you been on stage:yes
in the past month have you been dumped:no
ever been drunk:no
ever been called a tease/player:yes
ever been beaten up:yes
ever shoplifted:yes
how do you want to die:dont but know but im curious about wat its like
what do you want to be when you grow up:computer graphicer
what country would you most like to visit:japan
in a boy/girl..
fav eye color:green
fav hair color:red or blonde
height:taller then me
best clothing style:casual
number of piercings:none
number of tattoos:none

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