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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comment Responses First, Because I Love You Alll~

[Jenneh: THANK YOU, WOMUN. You Helped Alot, Actually. :D What Would I Do Wiffout You? And I've Always Wanted To Go To Warped... :3 I Didn't Know They Were Playing This Year.]

[SpiffehSporkPerson: D: PART OF MY SOUL JUST DIIIIIIIED. Dx Ah Well. Tell Her I Miss Her Like A Fat Kid Misses Cake. ;w; And Yesss! <3 Kid Is Just The Cutest, In His Neurotic Way. :3 That Was Probably The Most Amazingly Adorable Thing I've Ever Seen... x3 Well, Besides Chibi Stein... -swoons- I'm A Little Too Fangirlish Over Soul Eater xD -sweatdropped-
Haha, I'm A Convirgin Too. :3 I Just Know I'm Going To Get Lost... Or Falling Into A Bottomless Pit Of Doom.
Whichever Seems More Plausible.

[Megzican: Lucky For Me, I Live Really Close To Boston :3 It's A Short Drive From Where I Live, But Maybe I Could Scour The Couch Cushions For Some Extra Monies To Get A Room x_x;
Thanks For The Advice! x3]


I Have Nothing Really To Say... I'm Going To Tama's House Tomorrow, Bright And Early. They're Picking Me Up At Ten AM. :D
So Far, It's The Amazing Highlight Of My Week.
I Get To Go To Friendly's... I've Been Begging My Parents To Take Me For Weeks, Because I Crave Toast And Other Such Breakfast-y Foods That I'm Too Lazy To Make Myself. :3
We're Also Going To Waste Time Playing Silent Hill And Kingdom Hearts, Like The Dorks We Are. xD
Ahhh, I Can't Wait.



Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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