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Saturday, June 14, 2008

back? I bet only two people will notice ._.
yes :D back by popular demand! kind of like yor favorite ice cream... I'm like a cockroach- nothing can get rid of me, not even nuclear warfare.
One day I will rule the world. and you. all of you. will be jellous >:]

-is done with her retarded rant-

I missed you all! D: A lot! the internet isnt as fun anymore... v.v I dont think I will be posting a lot, but I will be commenting... :3 I'm scared of the new TheOtaku. it's so big and vast o-o so Im staying away from that for now ... <.<

As for you guys, my faithful friends. We shall bond once more and celebrate the return of SpiffySporkPerson! Whooo-hah! :3


Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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