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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day.
Be prepared for its epicness.

5:30- woke up, dragging my half-dead corpse across the vast expanses of the hallway to bathe my unwashed body. And thus, the adventure begins.

6:48- waiting for the bus that is supposed to come at 6:55

6:57- no bus.

7:09- no bus.

7:14- there is still no bus.

7:26- And lo and behold! No bus. So before I was late, I begged my dad to drive me to school.

7:35- arrive. Go down the busses only lane on accident. Almost get run over by an old lady driving a large yellow contraption.

7:40- stumble my way into the Auditorium, where I was told to wait in by and old lady. Kathryn shows me her amazing Twilight fanart and Gerard Way being all sexy. That was the highlight of my day.

8:00- stumble into my german home room where the teacher attempts to motivate 20 half-dead children into conversation. Of course, we are put into seating arrangements by alphabetical order, putting me in the back. Sitting next to a boy who stares at my boobs constantly and a person next to me with a beard. Yes, my friends. A freshman with a beard. Indeed I was frightened.

Well, as a brief outline of my day, I ran from locker to the classes filled with people I do not know, stumbling wildly about while I gracefully spill the contents of my bag out into the hallways while people laugh and kick my books. I fearlessly faced two classes with Aurora Doehring's horrid glares of disgust and Gannon's "scene" comments from behind me in the study period, in which we had nothing to do. I got my schedual confused, because we have A-G days and 1-6 weeks. All containing different class orders. And different classes, depending on the letter day and number week. So I ended walking into a girl's locker room filled with seniors half naked. That was plesantly awkward <___< Then, after being ten minutes late for science class, just figuring out where to go, I asked some seniors where room 206 was, they pointed me in the complete wrong direction [I totally should have seen that coming >_>]. I sit in the front of my math class, because my previous teacher had "talked" to this new one.

It actually wasn't that bad, though. But. I would just prefer not going back tomorow.
or. ever.

How was your days? :D

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Tonight is my last night before I begin plundering the halls of my now doomed highschool.


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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Have you ever looked at something, and then decided how you're going to feel about that if it happend to you?
Remember when you were young, and you watched tv with those mean gossipy girls making fun of the main character for how she dresses. Or the main character does something stupid, and those clique-y girls are never too far behind to laugh and spread rumors.
I remember being young, and saying "I don't care what they think, I'm going to be myself!"
But now that I'm in that fictious world with gossip girls and 'in-crowds', I realize that it's a lot harder than it looks. Saying one thing is so much easier than it looks.
Because, in truth, it DOES hurt to be made fun of. It DOES hurt to be the only one not invited to the party, especially if all of your friends are going. And it even hurts when you trip, or do something else klutzy and the people around you never fail to laugh.
So, it's easier said than done. Is the secret how you take the insults?
If you trip, do you stand back up and laugh with them? Does it make it hurt less, or is it just to show them that you may be down, but not out.
I wish we could go back to the time when we were young, where everyone had friends.
Your boyfriend was the guy that shared his snack with you. And the most dangerous thing you could get into would be to fall off the swing, and the worst thing that could happen is that someone cuts you in line for the slide.
I feel like an alien or something xD I dunno. Stupid post. err. yeah.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm content with the three people that leave me comments :D
because you guys are FREAKIN


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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

'Ello everyone. My MyO. Ima change it. Tooo...
I found some spiffy new backrounds. I like them :]
and here's some KakaIru yaoi for the soul.

and a whole bunch of men eating bananas.
enjoy! :D

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Subjeeeect :]
After months of saving and selling my organs on the street...
I finally have enough money to buy Crisis Core [A Final Fantasy VII Game... <_<]!!! :D

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I am now an apparently 'at risk' teen. Oh boy!
ugh. Listen to this. it totally pisses me off. Well now, apparently, I have been diagnosed with a list of all of these lovely mental conditions, as follows:

•A "pretty bad" case of depression

•OCD because whenever I'm in the councellor's office, I cant help but tear apart the styrofoam cups in the water bubbler and the fact that if I touch one arm, I have to touch the other with the same finger on the other hand... etc...

•ADD/ADHD because I'm allways changing positions/tearing stuff up/looking around/chewing my nails/etc.

•Anxiety for the same exact reasons at the previous and that I stare at the clocks CONSTANTLY.

•Antisocial-ness (there's actually a big word for it, but I'm not even going to attempt to spell it) because I'm not a happy-go-lucky popular with 657483920 friends

•Insomnia just because I have dark circles under my eyes.

and I'm just insecure and overall "at risk". But what, do I ask you? That I might be slightly different than the normal teenage kid who sits still and thinks the same as everyone else? I'll be the first to tell you, I'm pretty happy with my life. I'm not going to kill myself because I listen to heavy metal music. Just because I write about insanity and don't talk much doesn't mean I am insane.

And just because I am allways doing things with my hands doesn't mean I am psycotic or obsessive. It just means that I am not so easily entertained.
I mean, come on. Sitting in a small confined space being interrogated for an hour in the middle of summer would make you nervous, wouldn't it?

ugh. I fucking hate going to councelling. I don't need it, and don't want it. I just felt like ranting. on another note, how are you all? :3

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

back? I bet only two people will notice ._.
yes :D back by popular demand! kind of like yor favorite ice cream... I'm like a cockroach- nothing can get rid of me, not even nuclear warfare.
One day I will rule the world. and you. all of you. will be jellous >:]

-is done with her retarded rant-

I missed you all! D: A lot! the internet isnt as fun anymore... v.v I dont think I will be posting a lot, but I will be commenting... :3 I'm scared of the new TheOtaku. it's so big and vast o-o so Im staying away from that for now ... <.<

As for you guys, my faithful friends. We shall bond once more and celebrate the return of SpiffySporkPerson! Whooo-hah! :3


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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

...wow...I'm not dead...
Feels like it though....
I'm going to be taking an almost permanent vacation from MyOtaku... Love you all.... I might just stop by to check pms... just don't be expecting a reply... I just feel too awful to do it...
I can't comment, but I read posts regularly.
Forgive me... I just... need to find myself...

doctormister- I got a deviantart. I put yours on watched... ^^ I miss you alot...

Homsar88- sorry I never replied to comments... you're such a great friend, commenting all the time... I just couldn't... (well... mostly because my computer won't let me...) I'm really going to miss you and your awsome advice (but most of all sense of humor ^^)

KoInuKyan- Uwa! *huggles* You're so nice and just plain adorable!!! >__< You make me so happy reading your posts... Just your general happiness is enough to cheer me up for hours... :3 I really will miss you.... TT_TT Glad you're better, though...

MyLordSirTaco- I still remember the first conversation we had... XD It's still enough to make me smile a bit... You're super cool!!! I honestly will miss you as well... hmmn... I'm having some-what second thoughts about leaving, now...;~;

Save-our-Sporks- how could I possibly begin to tell you how much I'll miss you...? You.ARE.AWESOME-TASTIC!!!! XD you're one of my bestest buddies on MyO.... *sniffles* ILY MORE THAN YAOI! D: when I come back you'll be the first one I tell... *huggles* rawr. =[

SpiffySporkPerson- You were one of my first friends on here... and helped me kill my n00bines... XD You're an awesome friend, and never got mad at me no matter HOW annoying I was...[and am]. You're just so funny and nice- *squee!* You allways commented unconditionally, and put a smile on my face...! It seems like without you, the world would be a bit darker...

Suichiro8705- I'll talk to you on MySpace, so this really isn't goodbye... >,<

Well.... that's it.... *waves* Take care....
-The Village Idiot

Secret Valentine - We The Kings

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