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Welcome to my site. They aren't ready yet but I'm still gonna tell about myself.
Everything about me is actually on the left, but there's something I'd like to tell. July and Jo knows this because my friend said this also to her teacher. I HAVE A GUINEAPIG!!! (Yeah, it's really important to know ^_^)

And from gaiaonline.com you can find me with name Amyna-san, too ^_^

Samarkan Font
Your font is Samarkan. You are a very quiet person
who would rather stand back and observe rather
than get involved. You have a broad variety of
knowledge and your insight helps you see past
the problem and discern a solution that most
people wouldnt have even noticed. You are not
a party person and you maintain a close
friendship with only a few people. You are
open-minded to change because you realize that
it is a necessary part of life.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Today I wasn't at school... But don't say I'm lazy - Jo wasn't at school either!
Few days ago I visited my friend. She's got all of those Mai Himes in cd. We watched few of them and now.. umm.. what can I say...
Yes, that's all I want to say ^_^
See ya

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

   Hi there!
I just wanted to add here my MSN, if you'd like to talk to me ^_^ heidi_mononen@hotmail.com And my 'better' friends in here are xSakurax grinner Adylia And one testresult... Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.
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I wasn't at school today 'cause I was sick.(Actually I'm allways sick -from my head- but now I REALLY was.)
And I found my christmaspresents! ^_^


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