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Friday, September 14, 2007

not sooo great....
ok so my life has gone straight down the toilet...*sigh* school sux big time senior year oh so fun right? not, totally gay my friends bf thinks im stalking him and hes mean as hell to me cuz he looooves me and im like -,- whatever anyway totally didnt do aaaaaany of my hw and "forgot my grammar" teacher was ticked and yelled and got in my face after her lil spew i looked again and guess what? it was in my bag heh great start huh? next im watching walk the line in guitar class and then art...which is seriously pissing me off, been on the same project for three WEEKS is gay as hell *sigh* wont post this weekend...oh and my relationship with my family is screwed up so bad i give up ill have my own seperate relationship with each of em and if they hate it they can go to hell *sigh* oh and i have been having pains in random body parts like my knees and right arm and head and its not like an ache and my chest has been KILLING me its gay im tired of caring for others *hits head on wall* go figure....
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