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Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

Things here are extreamly nerve wracking . There have been a lot of robberies and such. I知 home alone with my 14 year old brother and yeah, if someone wanted to get in this house they probably could. They stole some stuff out of my brothers race car, but nothing worth too much. He walked in the yard while they were here. Lucky no one got hurt and nothing to important got stolen. They only reason they didn稚 try to get in the house was because my dog was barking.

Anyway nothing is new, I start my internship on Monday. I also have to get some stuff done. I need to fill out college apps, go visit campuses and write up a bunch of essays. I also need to get an actual cell phone. I spend way to much money on my phone.

I知 getting a house or apartment in Manchester next year. I知 hoping to go to Southern New Hampshire University, and I知 deff getting a dog and I値l be getting a job at a local infant/toddler center. So I pretty much can稚 wait until next year. It sounds like it値l be great. But being my last year of high school its so weird. Like its my last everything. My friends and I were crying at homecoming. 妬ts our last homecoming float, parade and pep-rally 登ur last homecoming games and we cried. It痴 like so weird.

I hope everything with you guys is going well. I really need to go. I知 exhausted and I really need to start doing some research.

♥ Haley

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