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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hi guys!!! How are all of you?

Things around here have been extreamly hetic. With school starting and being a senior its all like AHHH. So pretty much my classes are...
1. Early Childhood Ed.
2. French II
3. Algebra
4. American Studies (its an english course)

Other than that work is driving me fuckin nuts. I never have time to do anything. My grades are slipping.

So its been four months since I went vegeterian and I'm going vegan soon. meaning I won't eat meat, eggs or dairy products.

I'm also applying to colleges. I have a college visit with Souther New Hampshire University Nov. 10th and I have to re-take my SATs in December because my father, missed the dead lines for the other two, which really fuckin sucks but thats alright. I really need to retake them and fuckin hope I do well so the college will accept me because of my SAT scores and not my grades, because they suck. If I weren't going to England this year I'd be able to quit, get a weekend job and still afford my cell phone.

OMFG I'm getting a convertable. It is sooooooo great. I love it. I'm still about a thousand dollars short but I may put it on my credit card, I should have that money in about... May so I can pay it back than. or just ask my parents to pay for it and pay them back in may. I just don't want my dad touching my car because than it will become his. Just like everything else in this house

So other than nothing, nothing and more nothing, I haven't really been up to anything. I'm secetary of the ECE FCCLA again. And I have my internship within the next month. All this week were going to school at 10:30 because the juniors have to take the NECAPS which is a huge New England wide test. Its English and Math in October and Science in May. Than we have no school friday or monday. My fuckin boss is trying to get me to work from 9 to 5 on monday, and I really really don't want to. I'll have to see what my schedual is. But whatever, I'll probably do it because I need the money. I hate how they take taxes out of my checks. I'd be done paying for England if they hadn't taken taxes months ago. They take fuckin 25 dollars a week out on taxes, well in the summer atleast, now I don't make as much because I only work 12.5 hours a week. I really need to find a new job. I mean the hours are perfect for me.

Other than that, how have you guys been?

I really need to go. there is too much going on right now.

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