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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey guys!!! How are all of you?

I am so bored today. Theres nothing for me to do at all, none of my friends are in town and things are just really dull around here. Expecially since a lot of my friends graduated and moved away for college. I'm finally realizeing that they aren't gonna be around this year. I mean I'm a senior and yeah, I guess I'm kinda exicited, but what good is being a senior without some of my best friends. Oh well I'll see them adventually. Atleast me and Kristy will be togther this year. So its all good. I haven't really been hanging out with her lately. We both work alot and have really demanding work scheduals.

I can't believe I've been wishing soo much away lately. I keep saying I wish I was 18, but I really didn't understand how good I have it. I mean, I've been to Italy and I'm going to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and I really don't want this year to end. I barely want this summer to end. Everything isn't going as I expected, but I'll get by. I'll make it and thats all that I can really say about it. The months that I haven't updated I've been depressed and moody and blameing everyone else for my problems,when its really my fault. I've also realized that I can do stuff about it.

So its less than a week away, and i'm really nervous about meeting my boyfriend. i don't know how I'll react or anything. I'm really shy so meeting new people is hard for me. I've been doing a lot better lately and growing out of being so shy. I mean i can talk to parents at daycare, even if I've never met them, or don't talk to them often. I don't walk away from so much anymore and i'm learning that running away from my problems isn't going to help anyone. I'm just glad I figured this out now rather than a year from now.

So as some of you know know I've been vegeterian for 2 weeks but I ate meat a few nights ago. I nearly puked after it but now I know that I can't eat meat anymore without getting sick. I watched a video on it and it just grossed me out.

Anyway, I've just been thinking about a lot of stuff.

I commented almost everyone that commented me today.

Have a great day!!!!
♥ Haley

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