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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Allergies suck
Mood: Annoyed.
Song: Don't Let It Be Love
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Hey guys!!!! How are all of you?

Sorry I haven't been on lately. I have 4 final projects due at once. It sucks.

I didn't go to school today because of my allergies, or work. I guess my dad called before I woke up and told Jane that I'd be in at 3pm instead of 2:30 but I called back at 8:30 because I could barely breath I was weezeing and took the day off. Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow. And I don't get in trouble for missing work. I did call though, next time my dad should ask me if I feel up to going to work. Plus, I work with kids, I can't deal with kids like this. Besides if they have an issue with me being sick they can shove it up their ass. I've worked there for five months and I've only been sick twice. And missed 3 days because of vacation, but I cover everyone else's ass when they can't get to work. i mean this summer I have 2 weeks when I'm working my own shift. I don't need people bitching at me because of that.

Tomorrow is a half day, but i'm staying a full day seeing as I need a ride to work and mom's got a full day. So I'm just gonna hang out in the computer lab and finish my baby project. We need to find out the cost of a baby for the first year and then have to make a parenting handbook. Why the fuck did I take parenting? I swear the next person that tells me I'm gonna be a great parent is gonna have to listen to me bitch. I know I'll be an okay parent, I work with kids all day and love it and I have enough patience to deal with 2 infant stimualtors without going crazy. I got a 97 on the boy infant stimulator and a 100 on the girl infant stimulator. Though I did want to kill her at the end. She wouldn't shut up.

I'm soooooooo bored. I should've just went to work today because afterwards I could have gone somewhere. Now I'm stuck home, but if I go outside I'll probably end up getting worst because my dad still hasn't picked up my allergy meds.

Tomorrow year books come out. I have to go pick up my mom's. I ordered it under her name because under my name it would've been $55 but under her's it was $30. We got our year book fully in color this year. Hopefully they'll be nicer then last year's I don't even know the theme of them. LMFAO, I should know these things. But i don't care most of the time. I'll care next year because I'll be making the year book. I wonder who the dedication will go to this year. Thankfully we haven't lost anyone from our class or the senior class. Last year was horrible we lost 2 seniors, one from cancer and the other from a heart attack. It truly was horrible. I'd never seen my school sooo depressed. Knowing my class someone will die from a drug over dose or something of the sort.

You know what I hate, when you're best friends with someone and then something goes wrong and you can never fix anything again. I have no idea why I keep thinking about how much I miss my old best friend. I mean why the fuck were we fighting for 3 years on and off anyway? I have no idea, I aperently started all these fights but I don't see how. The majority of them were her fault. But whatever maybe I just like argueing and proveing my point too much. I mean she was retarded anyway. I know its dumb to keep thinging of the past so I'm not. I'm fine right now, I mean I'm acheiveing almost everythign I wanted to this year. I went to Europe... I've got a good paying job, and I love what I do. My grades are okay, and I've still got great friends. Only problem is I never see any of my friends I don't have a life. My life is going to school, work and coming home and this summer it will be work from 9am to 5 pm almost every day. Meaning $200 a week for doing nothing. I play with little kids all day. I do that at home every day for free.

I should really be going. I need to look my powerpoint over and see if Richard finished it the way I wanted it done. I've been doing his work for months now. At this point I'm just trying to get him to graduate. I'm sick of him always being in my classes. I mean he's one of my best friends but its wicked annoying that he's in all junior classes when he's been a senior for 2 or 3 years now. It must be 2 years because he's gonna be 19.

I'll update more another day.

Have a great day everyone!!!
♥ Haley

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