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Hi, i is a board person that is y i like to watch anime and read manga. i have some friends. not the most popular person in school. i stay close to the people i know and will make new friends evry once and awile. i have three or four friends that like anime and manga. not to many just go out and tell you strait up that they like anime and manga. but okasionaly you will get someone like that and then you just could talk for hours on end about one anime. i have have only one person tell me that and now i have a myotaku. as u can see. i have read many naruto manga and only one bleach manga. it is hard to find sites that give you both anime and manga but if u r patant you willfind one or two. now a little more about myself. i am 13 and live in michigan i am in 7th grade and have very fun teachers. i am in band. i have a great band instructor. i am also in colorgaurd(flag twiling) i know wat u are thinking omg a guy in a girly sport thing he has to be gay. but i am not gay i am strait. and i dont care wat u say about me.