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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm leaving my house

im moving with my dad, i'm happy, i'm finaly getting away from the abusive household i've been living in all my life. THANK GOD!!! i'm happy, sad because i'm leaving my little sisters, but happy, because i'm going to finally be happy. YAY!!! There was another fight at my house, and that was it for me, i couldn't take it anymore and there's no reason why i should have to. So i told my dad, we're getting his lawyer back on the case and i'm gonna go live with him. I just hope i can really leave without regrets. I mean i know that I can, but it's gonna be hard, but i have faith that what ever happens happens because that's where god wants me. and i can fully except that.... untill next time....

~You Know You Love Me~ AlexPotter

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