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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dnt u just hate it when you feel like it's your job to please everyone. I do. I hate it so damn much. It hurts when i can't please my friends, or my parents or people that "love" me. I hate it, but what I hate even more is that all my life, i've lived to please. It's not going to be that way n e more. I'm going to live for me ane only me. If i find someone great. If i don't even better, but at least i know that i've lived my life ane gone aftere my dreams without a second thought. I don't what to be tied down in this stupid little town for the rest of my life. so i won't. I want to write stories that ispire people, so i will. I want to be a mother, so i will. I dn't want to be owned, so i won't. I will do what makes me happy, not what makes my friends and family happy, but me. I need to find myself and feel good about myself, which has yet to happen but it will. I know that i can do anything that i work hard enough for. i will work as hard as i can to get the life and i want, and i'll let my homies here on Otaku how it turned out. but guys when i'm down encourage me, and i'll return the favor. When i'm sad, make me smile and i'll return the favor. care about me always, and i'll return the favor always. thanks guys i care about you all, even though some of yu do't feel the same way.

~You Know You Love Me~ AlexPotter

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