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Friday, July 13, 2007


Wow, so right now I'm watching my little brothers, who are 4 and 8, and I will be watching them for 2 more days. I think I'm gonna die. One of them is still asleep...so the other is being good. See my brothers....most of the time....are good little kids...but NOT when they're together. When they're together they are evil. lol

So, last time I posted I was going to the mall!^^' It was really fun...and I got vol. 4 of Loveless! Wich is the best manga I've ever read!^^ I LOVE IT!^^

BTW, Today is (a) Friday the 13th! So do something fun for me cause I can't!^^ See, I always like to celebrate on days that most poeple don't celebrate...I just think it's fun...lol But I can't do that today cause I'm watching my borther, thouhg I might try to do something...lol

Well, I'll talk to you all later...if I'm not killed by my brothers that is...^^' yeah. lol

*loves and Hugs*


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Friday, June 29, 2007

Well, now.
So....today should be fun....I'm going to the mall, I only have $15, but i'm going with my 3 best freinds!^^ My blood sister, my sister that isn't really my sister, and her boyfriend!^^ And Were going to be crazy...we're all gonna have on odd stuff....so yeah, it should be fun, money or no money...although I'd like to have monay....but I'm hoping to go again with the same poeple in a few weeks to do some school shopping. Cause I am NOT going right before school, cause right before scool they always have the ickiest stuff!^^

Well...g2g! Bye! *hugs*


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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, first I thought I'd let you know my friends GF is doing A LOT better. So, yes, she lived, I'm really gald about that.^^


So, This past week end I went to the con! It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I didn't have alot of money this year....but it was still fun!XD

We got my sister back too! YAY!

O.O Got to go know.....I'm baby-sitting...lol

Bye-bye! Love yas!


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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yeah, Ummm...I'm kinna freaking out right now cause a friend of mine's GF was in a car crash yesterday morning and I don't even no if she's alive....I guess at the crash site they had to keep reviving her and stuff...so it dosen't look good...I'd be really shocked if she live....and it's really sad, cause she's so nice. And I don't know how my freind who's GF it is would handle it if you know...she died or dies......

All that I know I've hear from poeple who were told by someone else...like I called my freind, Isu we call her, and she said owr other friend had called and told her the like girl had been in a crash and that was right before I went to my friend Ame's house and I told her that that it was owr freands GF who was in the crash and she told her mom and her mom had talked to some one who was there at the seen, and yeah.....so I'm really sad right now....but it was really odd cause I guess a bunch of people thought it was Ame who got in the crash....I really don't know why....

I really hope she'll be okay...but going by what I've heard I don't think she will be.



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Monday, June 18, 2007

So, 5 days till Jafax...wich is the con I'm going to....and I still have no furry ears....I'm going to try and find some on thursday....I could have done it today....but my little brothers didn't want to go, so my mom was like, okay. So, yeah....that made me sad. But whatev. It's okay, we're going on thursday and if we don't find any then....well.....yeah, I really hope we find some....lol.

So, yeah, I can't wait for the con or for my sister to come home!^^ So I really wish I had something to do to pass the time quiker...but I have nothing to do, cause my mom likes not doing anything...emo. lol So, yeah....(O.o my little brother just brought a bunch of grass inside....) Yeah, so like I love doing stuff and going place and things like that....but the rest of my family hates it. V..V I hope my sister will get a car soon so she can take me places!!! lol

Love to you all! Bye-bye!


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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hmmmmm...well, hello!^^

Ummm, so right now I'm not doing anything....I knew summer would be like this. v..v' I hate not doing anything....cause I love doing stuff!^^' It's 9 days now till my sister comes home and I go to a con! W00t! I'm gonna be a furry, both days of the con...sadly I can't find kitty ears....and well, I could be one from Loveless (great anime/manga!!!XD) only, that wouldn't even work cause I'm a virgin...yeah you'd have to read/watch it!^^ anyway...I'll find some ears somewhere!!! lol

BTW, if you love My Chemical Romance, you need to hear the song "Haven Help us" I had to hunt it down!!! Cause it's from The Black Parade but it's only on the record and not the CD....anyway, it's a really good song...there are two others that aren't on the CD "Kill all your Friends" and "My way Home is Through you"

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight! So, anyway.....one good thing about summer is I'll be on here more!!! YAY! I'm vary happy about that!^^ But, OMG! I have a really REALLY bad sunbrun on my back right now....it hurts really bad! ANd my back is like red. Not pink, RED. lol Like at night I can't even sleep on my back.......but it'll go away, so I'll be fine!^^'

Well, this was a nice long-ish post!^^ I have done one this long in a long time!XD



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Monday, June 11, 2007

OMG! I am so happy! 11 days till my sister come home after being gone for 10 monts! AND! That same day I'll be goig to a con!!! And it's summer...life is going well right now! lol Well, most things about...XD I hope the same for you!!

I love you guys! bye-bye!


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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

School is ALMOST over!!! I can't wait! lol Or maybe I can....I', not sure if I want school to end....I feel like I'll naver see anyone once it dose...! But I'm gonna try really hard to see the people I want to see! lol Not much time, sadly. SO I must go...but I love you all! <3 <3 <3


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Friday, May 18, 2007


W00t! I really liked Blades of Glory, and I had a lot of fun too! But it was really odd too, cause like my freands Bill and Josephine were there, one on one sind of me and the other on the other side...and well, they just broke up, so it was a little uncomfortable....XD But really fun! And Today I'm going over to Josephine house...Yay! I get to met her snake! W00t! lol

Well, bye-bye! <3


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tee hee.

OMG! I'm so happy! I can't wait for the 22d! The New CD by THE USED comes out that day! W00t! I'm hoping to go to the mall and bye it on the 26th with one of my friend....but I'm not sure if that'll happen or not....but that's what I want to do...anyway, I can't wait! Only 6 days! lol


Tomorrw I'm going to see Blades of Glory....cause it just come to my town....lol, we're slow! XD Me and my mom were gonna go, but she can't, so she was like "Get poeple to go with you, cause I don't want you to be the by yourself" And I was like "OKAY!!!!^^" lol So, I've told ummm.....4 of my friends about it....I think. And I'll tell more later...ya, it'll be fun! Tee hee! lol

#1 How much do you say things like: Oh Em Gee, or W00t! Or some thing like that when you're not on the PC? (I do it all the time! lol)

#2 Did you see Blades of Glory?

#3 Do you want the New CD by THE USED too?! XD



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