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Monday, December 10, 2007

Cutting story

"The blood stains her blanket. Too much, too many cuts. She can't control it. Her hands are shaking and bloody. The razorblade slips from her numb fingers. What was she doing? She swore she wouldn't. She hated her cuts, she hated her scars. She wanted to stop, but she couldn't. Why? She was lost in her pain. Alone. Her train of thought left her spiraling. Unconciously, her hand strayed to the momentarily forgotten blade. She was already bloody, and feeling faint. A few more cuts, and she would never feel this pain again. Her cellphone rings. She jumps in surprise, who'd call her now? He wanted to tell her goodnight, and he loves her." (AJ)

Too many people, mostly girls, cut themselves when they are in pain. Too many forget that they are loved and wanted. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we matter. Sometimes we long for a kiss so badly that we settle for the razors kiss. Please remind us that we're loved, help end the cutting. If you have ever been a cutter, comment or repost with "I've felt this kiss." If you know and love a cutter, comment or repost with "I called to say I love you" Always remind us that we are loved, it really helps the healing process. Support, don't reject us, it's our worst fear and makes things worse. (The story above in quotations is a true story, written by the girl herself, signed by her initials)

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