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Sunday, October 30, 2005

   gimme yo number, & i'll call
heyheyya everyone. : ]]
last night the halloween party we had was so much funnn! & a little intense too. hahaa.
i had some friends come, not all of them, but they're assholes so i don't care.
but anyways, we had a haunted house & games & such, it was pretty fun. buttttt. my/brothers friend marty was totally hitting on me, & two of my other friends. it was pretty darn funny, when we are on the trampoline at 9 we were bouncing around and when my friend fell down & he "accidentally" fell ontop of her, & was helping her up & like 2 inches from her face. haha & we dared her to put her arm around him & then he asked for a hug, it was so adorable! ahahaa. good times.
but yeah so, now we have to clean up everything, the best part! ugghhh.
well i hope you all have a good day. : D

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