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Sunday, August 7, 2005

I HAVEN'T BEEN ON IN ABOUT 386559637568364936539563 xFOREVER!!!! i'm sooooo sorry everyone! i had tonss going on, i'll change up my theme real soon, wow, i just, wow i'm sorry again for not being here for so long!!! -_-
well anyways, i have overcome my issues & for now be happy on the otaku!! && i'm going to start highschool in less than 4 weeks! ^ ^
but there really isn't that much to catch up on.. so, if any of you would like to fill me in on all i've missed? ^_^'''
much love<3333

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

   Reeally bad
Hello everyone, sorry I havent updated in a while. Things arent going so great over here.. I think I've lost my best friend and one of my close friends tonight.. I'm so confused & sad & I hate myself right now. I'm a no good backstabbing liar is what my best friend called me before she walked away. And my other friend thought I was a good for nothing liar too, and I don't even know what i did wrong. I really sorry everyone but i need to go think this through and i'm like bawling my eyues out right now, sorry, I have to go..
Hope you all have had a nice day today anyways, today was our last day of school too...


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Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Theme

Hey guyss, the new theme was decided random Japanese things! I'll change the random thing each day when I can ^_^ Haha fun. Anyways, today we had the Math Final, oh gosh I hope I did good!
And tomorrow we have the Science Final, hopefully its 150 questions of easy ^_^'
Haha, gotta study now and hard!
So bye everyone!! *hugs*

Say NO to Drugs and Violence!
Loll, that was pretty random ^_^

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   Finals!! *hides under pillow*

Heyya everyone! ^///^
Uh-oh, Finals start tomorrow! Oh well its no biggie.....Except for the fact that if you fail one subject you have to take the whole course next year! -_- Yeah, but I think I'll do good, I mean, I'm not failing in any classes and some stuff is pretty easy! Except for math o_o' Well I gotta go study for that soon! Haha.
Anyways, I think I caught a cold, I've been coughing and had a sore throat for a few days, hmmm,I hope it will go by quick.
Soo, how was all of your days today? Today was our offical last regular day of school! Yay and No way! Haha
I'm happy schools gonna be out soon but now I wont get to see my friends as often, hmmm, oh well I can just invite them over anytime anyways! ^_^ Lol.
Alright, I dunno what else to sayyy..
Oh! Alright guys I want you to choose my new theme! Choose from these choices:

a) Keep it Chobits, but more PINK! ^////^

b) Wolf's Rain

c) Fruits Basket

d) Japanese-related anything! *random anime, nature, animals, etc.*

e) Other/Video Game

Alright there you go! ^^

Vote and be happy! ^_^

Yum, riceball!
Wait, in Fruits Basket they have it as a Riceball, in Pokemon, I think, the have it as a doughnut... I'm confused! Does anyone know what it is? A Riceball or a Doughnut?

I think its a Riceball..

Haha, see you all later!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Hey everyone! I'd just like to apoligize for a number of things.. I'm so sorry I havent been here in such a great while, what since May 28?! Wow, thats long! It's just because my computer had another virus and the keyboard refused to work with me -_- And I'm sorry that I didnt get that fanart in by that Monday, cause my computer just stopped working when I tryed to scan it! It was so crazy! I don't think i'll get it in now, but soon! I promise! Just don't want it to freak out again ^_^'
So, can anyone inform me on what I missed on MyO?? It feels like I've been gone forever! At leats I'll be able to post more and stuff when school gets out, yes, we get out of school next Wednesday, Finals are coming, bleh -_-
Newayss, today we went on a Team trip to Seabreeze and it was pretty fun! (If you even know what Seabreeze is) ^_^ Me and my friends went on the Screaming Eagle and Log Flume about 10 times hahaa. And then we got sick on some wicked greasy french fries, blahh, never have them again. Lol. But it was still very funn. I watched the whole series of Chobits the other day, stayed up til 5:00am, yeah, sleep is for the weak, lol jk, I don't sleep much. Anyways, I really REALLY liked Chobits, it was really cute and romantic............
Hmm... oh I'm drifting off there for a moment, haha.
Well... I don't know much else to say..
I hope you all had a nice day!
*hugs* I missed you all so much! -^_^- I'll try to get on as much as I can until its summer vacation!

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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Hello everyone! Thanks for all your really nice comments, it really lifte my mood! ^_^ I know that I have good friends on TheO, and I love you all very much *hugs* ^^ Haha, I'm so happy today.
Well, I changed the theme, FFX. I just can't get enough of that game! ^^ Haha. Hey, can any of you guys hear the background music?? ^_^ Haha. Sooo, today were having a little family cookout at my house, and I'm inviting my friend over too, it's gonna be fun ^^ Hmmmm, oh right, I was drawing a lot last night, yeah, i stayed up til 4:00a.m. drawing ^_^' But thats alright I don't get much sleep anyways. But back to subject, I think I'm gonna get this fanart in my Monday, just to let you guys know.
Well, I don't have anything more to say.. So bye guys! I love you guys so muchh! *hugs everyone & gives a cookie*

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Friday, May 27, 2005


Hey guys, I'm really sorry I haven't been on in ages it seems. Life's been really depressing lately. With studying and everything, I haven't gotten around to getting on TheOtaku and even drawing.. I've been trying to get on, buts its just hard, I have too much on my mind to handle... First, I woke up really early for some reason, then fell on my face cause I tripped when I got out of bed, haha, very ouch. But my dad surprized me with pancakes, so that was pretty cool. Then when I got to school, I realized I forgot to do my homework, so I had to copy off my friend *I'm such a bad kid* and I started feeling nausious and got a headache from thinking about many many things. Then the guy I like, that doesn't even know I exist, yelled at me today cause I accidentally moved his binder to see who's it was, and then almost tripped him, so that made my day a little worse. Plus, we had a big Science and Math Test today, which made me a nervous wreck.. Good thing I had my friends there with me or I problly would have died right there before lunch, cause I was feeling really low about then. I'm at the edge of breaking down. Wow, I need a vacation, Haha. Hmmm, idk what else to say. Now lets be some happy or something cause I can't take this loneliness and bordom, so I'm going to put up Hot Anime guys ^^

And of couse I can't resist a cute wolf pup, awwh ^ / / / ^

Okay I kinda feel better, but I can feel it lingering over my head, ahhh, I need to rest and stop thinking or something...
Well I hope you all had a nice day, I'll be posting a lot this weekend cause we have a mini vacation..

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   Why, Why Can't I get on More! -_-

Hiya guys, I'm sooo sooooo sorry I haven't updated in a few days, I mean lifes just so hecktic with school, homework, track, family, and everything! *bows low* So I'm sorry, I'll try my best to update as much as I can.
Okay, let me tell you what happened at the track meet the other day:
We were having a Track meet against Homer (not Homer Simpson but everyone was cracking jokes about it anyways) and they were on the 800 (2 times around the track) and this one girl named Iradia, who is in my homeroom in school, was on her 2nd lap and then she just falls over and goes into a seziure!! It was the scariest thing ever, and then when she was taken away in the ambulance, the Homer coach was running around and, what do you know, he trips on the metal bar thing around the edge of the inside of the track and breaks 4 places in his leg!! So they had to have another ambulance come get him, and then we had to do the 4x100 Relay, and we were like all still in shock from what happened! So that track meet was one not to forget. Oh, If your wondering, Iradias alright now, she came into school today, and we all hugged her and told her to never scare us like that again! ^_^ Lol, hmmm, other than that it was all schoolwork and stuff, took the State Tests, took The Outsiders quiz, and were gonna watch The Outsiders on Monday and Tuesday, then we get to choose to dress up as a Greaser or Soc for Wednesday!! It's gonna be so fun!! ^__^ Neeways, we had make-your-own ice cream sunday in AIS Math for the last day yesterday, yummmie, thats was pretty cool, not bad for an extra tutoring class! Lol. So that about sums up the week for me...
Oh yes, the new theme, DN Angel, hope you like it ^^
Okey thats aboutt it.. So
Pic of the Day:

See you all later! I'll get to most of your sites today as well! ^^

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Monday, May 9, 2005

   Nobody Likes You, Everyone left You, there all out without You, Having Fun.

Hello everyone! Okay, nothing really new happened today.. Same old same old.. Well, tomorrow is the start of the Math State Tests, errgh, Math, I'm not so good at math T_T
Well, anyways, I have to go study.. But before I go, I have a Poll!

Okey, choose one for the new theme ^_^
See ya

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   Happy Mother's Day! ^_^

Hey everyone! Happy Mommie's Day! Lol. Sorry this is so late in the day again.. My week's been so busy, with homework, and chores, and relatives, and the list goes on and on.. Heh, well anyways.. How was all of your Mother's Day? My mom was pretty moody today (dunno why) But then when me and my brother gave her our cards, she was happy! Yay! Lol, I like my card, I made a hand-made one for her ^-^

I also watched today Doug's First Movie and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, aren't I cool? Lol! I used to think the Power Rangers were so cool when I was little! I always wanted to be the pink ranger XD
Okay, question: Do any of you like the Power Rangers when you were little? And if so, what was your favorite?
Lol, I know I'm a dork, but who cares! ^_^
I got nething else to tell about know, so.. See ya!

Nyaa :3
albino blackWolf~

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