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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   Merry Christmas!!!
Hi,my lovely friends!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!
I know that today a lot of people celebrate Christmas,but in Russia we celebrate this holiday only at 7th of January!!! :3
I wish you a lot of happiness and love!!!
Have a great holiday!!!

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Friday, December 14, 2007

   I'm back!
I'm still VERY busy with study! And also now I have problems with Internet! I can't spend much time there!
I've watched Gravitation and Loveless! Good anime,but manga are better! :D
Tomorrow I'll watch Trinity Blood!
I've drawn 2 new fanart,if you have free time,please,appreciate it! ^ - ^
Have a great day!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hi,my dear friends!
I haven't been here so long...Sorry!
I'm very busy with school now...and tired too...I have no time to visit your sites...I'm sick...
I'll try to comment your posts tomorrow or on Friday! Hope you forgive me! ^ - ^
But I have good news! I've watched Rozen Maiden at the weekend! It's really funny and really wonderful anime! And music there is splendid! I love this anime! Really good! :3
Well,sorry again!
See you later! ^ - ^

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   Angel Sanctuary
Hi,my dear friends!
I can't visit you today,because I...I'm too sad and happy...and upset...and...I can't find right words...
I've read all 20 volumes of Angel Sanctuary! IT'S REALLY GREAT MANGA!!! It's so impressive!!!
I cried...Tears streamed down my cheeks...and I couldn't stop them...T_T
EXCELLENT manga! As GREAT as "X"...It's impossible to stay indifferent to Angel Sanctuary! ^ - ^
Sorry,but I'm not able to write something more!
I promise I will visit your sites tomorrow!
Have a happy day! ^ - ^
P.S.I've drawn new fanart after reading...Please,appreciate!

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Hi, my dear friends!
Thank you all for comment at my previous post!
Sorry for not visiting your sites! The whole weekend Iíve been at our country-house! It was wonderful! I've spent a lot of time with my lovely cats! AhhhhÖ They are SO tender!!! And they woke me up twice at night and purred VERY loudly! :D
At Sunday we visited my mumís friend Tatiana. She is very kind and friendly woman! We had a very tasty dinner and talked a lot! ^ - ^
Today Iíve watched Spirited Away again! Itís the best work of Hayao! I love this movie! Haku is soooo handsome! And he looks gorgeous as a dragon! ^ - ^

Otaku is dyingÖhow sadÖI wanna cry!!!
At Thursday Iím going to visit my classmate Andrew. He isnít very clever, but I know, he likes me! And he usually treats me with chocolate sweets! ^ - ^
1.Do you believe in true eternal love?
2.How do you think, can you kill someone?
3.Do you like piano music?
Have a good day!

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

   Unlucky week
Hi,my dear friends!
I hope you had a merry Halloween and got a lot of candy! ^ - ^
This week is the most terrible in this year!!! I had a lot of problems in school,in family,with friends...Really I don't want to talk about it and to mar your mood! ^ - ^
I've started read Angel Sanctuary! For the moment it seems very interesting! Alexiel is so beautiful!
One question: what transport do you prefer for travelling?
Have a good day!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hi,my dear friends!
I've drawn L by your request! And...it's so funny...but...he looks like at the latest wallpaper of Angel Zakuro! Lol! It's incredible...but it's true! Lol! ^ - ^
But at my fanart he looks cuter! I hope you like him! :)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

   Death note
Hi, my friends!
At the weekend I have no time to visit Otaku and yesterday my father had been working in the Internet all evening!!! :(
My life has become better! In my school Iíve found a girl, she is CRAZY fanat of Death note! (She has a copy of Death note, which was made in Japan!) We talked a lot today! It seems that she is a good girl! She promised to give me something interesting! :)
By the way, Iíve drawn new Death note fanart (Light)! Please, appreciate it!
Iím going to draw something else from Death note, what do you prefer:
1.L 2.L & Light 3.L & Light yaoi ;) 4. Somebody else.
Choose! ^ - ^
Have a good day!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   Good and bad news
Hi,my dear friends!
Sorry,I haven't been at Otaku,I was VERY busy and VERY tired...Oh,God...
The weather is warm and first snow has already melted! ^ - ^
Yesterday when we were playing basketball,I fell and hurted my knees...It was SO painfull! My right knee ached all day...But now I feel better!
Also my English teacher gave me SUCH A BIG homework!!! I will do it all Saturday...*sigh*
Good news! I finally watched the end of Deathnote!!! Poooooor Light!!! T_T I cryed...
Tomorrow is our school's birthday! We'll have no lessons and in the evening will be a concert and disco! :D
Have a good day,my friends! *hugs*

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

   Funny physics!
Hi,my friends!
The weather is cold and it's still raining.But I feel good! Hope you're also OK! ^ - ^
School day was...funny! Really funny! At morning our teacher said that our new stupid classmate Roman had left our school!!! Yay!!! We are happy!!!
Physics lesson was really merry! We disputed with our teacher(he is 56,he is VERY kind,VERY clever and REALLY cool!!!)about derivative(math function).We disputed and laughed and disputed again...Then teacher said "UUUUUUUEEEEEEEE" and sighed...(It was funny!)But few minutes after we started dispute again and in that moment my classmate Nikita sneezed VERY loudly! Lol! We laughed like crazy!
And yesterday when we were playing basketball Nikita strike me by accident on the cheek...My poor cheek! Fortunately it wasn't very painful!
Well,no more interesting today! ^ - ^
One question: are you a religious person?
Have a good day! *hugs*

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