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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

sorry i havent been adding posts l8ly this computer was at the ice cream shop tropical treats you know the one across the street from patricks and next to eastway lanes ya so u gies come and say u know cody and thatll be col anyways for anybody that is reding this have u eva seen robot chicken its freaking halarious im wathching it right now wait actully im watching family gie the one were lois and peter have to see other people and lois sees quagmire and peter sees jennifer love huiet lol lois and jennifer are fighting do u gies like family gie? guess what i did in school today or yestersday we are going to have to do the mile run i hat the nile run but today we were running working out and doing relay races it was fun but im fat so wene we had to crawl under neath the hurdls i aarely made it it was funny well im going to go because i have a baseball game tonight so........................PEACE OUT
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