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Hello everyone! I am bit new here so bear with me :P

Lemme see...what can I say about myself...I am writing a fan fiction that is currently posted on Fanfiction.net. If you enjoy fan fictions of any kind that is the place to be! ^_^ Oh and the reason I opened this account was to "recruit" more anime oriented readers toward my fanfic and also to post up the art of the fan fic onto my "portfolio". So be sure to Check them out.

It seems I got off topic again ^_^ Well my Fan fiction is called Love Across Time: A Sesshomaru Story. Yep. You guessed right! :P its a “love” story involving the characters of the anime Inuyasha and my original characters. Now just because it is a “love” story doesn't mean its always gonna be mushy feelings and stuff ^_^ on the contrary it has a little bit of everything. Drama, Action, Comedy (If I am lucky enough :P) and of course Romance. My goal is to make the reader believe like this could've actually happened in the anime ^_^ Then again,its all up to you,the reader, to direct me there.

Story's summary: Hitomi Akiyama is an average Japanese High School student, with a simple normal life. That is, until she stumbles into the Higurashi well and discovers the secrets of her past life. Is Hitomi really the reincarnation of the legendary Izumi Mizumura?

Here is the link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3635803/1/Love_Across_Time_A_Sesshomaru_Story

Well hope you come check out my fanfiction and the drawings! ^_^ please leave me a comment or a review on fanfiction.net (no account needed to review, by the way) I wanna know what you think!

Oh and Don't worry ^_^ I will also use myotaku as an online journal that is supposed to be so stay tuned. If you sign my guestbook I'll gladly sign yours. Hope you enjoyed my rambling :P and hope we can become otaku friends ^_^ Hajimemashite Yoroshiku!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

   Yay!! ^__^
I just finished another drawing!!! ^__^ haha

the bad thing is that they are not in jpeg format :( its the only format this site accepts for fan art :O

but I'll think of something :P anyway..Im off to write my Fanfic! :O Im on chapter 7?!?! Im so excited you guys! haha!

But first..The Simpsons!! :P (they are on right now) so bye bye! ^o^v


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Monday, January 21, 2008

   Ello there chaps!
My first post. Yay! ^_^ anyway life was pretty uneventful today. Just like most of you no school today (^o^v woo hoo!!) so I just lazied around all day :P

sorry for the boring post...


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